Sunday, October 31, 2010

Teen Wolf (3.5)

Scott wakes up one day and starts going through some changes. One second he's a teenaged boy and the next he's a teen wolf. He can finally become more than average, but at what price? Is Scott himself, or is he the wolf?

Man I love 80's flicks. I think I've seen this before but it was just as fun this time around. This movie was weird in a good way and such a feel-good film. It's nothing special, the story wont knock you off your chair and the acting is about as good as 80's comedy can get, but the whole film is so entertaining. You just sit and watch and smile. It's awesome.

I didn't laugh as much as I should have for how ridiculous some of the scenes were but that being said I still had a big smile on my face for about 80% of the movie. It's more fun than anything. Michael J. Fox did a great job.

If you like 80's movies, goofy comedies or are looking for a no-brainer, fun movie than you'll like this.

...I kinda want to learn the Teen Wolf dance now.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (4.5)

How is it that I haven't seen this movie until now, I have no idea! It seemed like this was made entirely for me. Magical.

A nerdy man strives to be the next all-star villain called Dr. Horrible. Two things are in his way: the girl of this dreams and the little problem of having to kill someone to get the title he wants. Oh, that and Captain Hammer!

This short movie was bursting with hilarity. I was super sad when it ended, I definitely could've watched another hour of it. Easily.

I finally get the Neil Patrick Harris obsession. I really, really, really do. My little heart is bursting with fandom right now. I might have to fan girl scream. *squeee*

Okay, right, that's over with.

Joss Whedon, you're a God. This had Whedon written all over it. A cinematic genius. It's like Buffy, Princess Bride, Kick-Ass and something else that is awesome came together and made a baby. The baby called Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Everyone was awesome. The music was amazing. I cannot believe how much I loved all the musical numbers. I was laughing my face off the entire time. Ridiculous and amazing!

...I think I'm going to go watch this again. Too much fun.

Only one complaint: why couldn't it have been longer!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hereafter (3.5)

A psychic tries to hide from his gift and attempts to live a normal life. A woman dies in a tsunami and goes to the after life but is brought back to life yet cannot escape the images she saw. A boy loses his twin brother and cannot cope with the lose. One day their lives will collide, but why?

I was looking forward to this film. I was excited to see Hollywood trying to make a paranormal movie like this one. Any other non-horror film, especially concerning psychics, is laugh worthy. You cannot take them seriously. The image of the short lady in the Poltergeist films or some random person with frizzy hair, weird eyes and a cat comes to mind. I had my hopes up that they would have a more realistic portrayal of that side of the paranormal.

The film didn't quite match my expectations but that being said I definitely didn't hate it. I enjoyed watching this film. The story was really good but they didn't get deep enough into it for some reason. They kept going from character to their stories and back again so much that they only skimmed the surface of what this films full potential should have been. I felt that the script should have been looked over 2 or 3 more times before they filmed it.

Matt Damon was good in this movie. I liked seeing him play a non-action movie role. He didn't blow my mind or anything but he was still good. Thumbs up.

I was really hoping that they would show a little more about what it is like living as a psychic. They touched base on it but never went into details. Matt Damon's character was essential to this film but I felt like I never got to know him. I wanted and needed to get more from him to feel connected to him. To feel bad when he was suffering. I didn't get that at all and it wasn't his fault.

The story had more potential than they gave it but it was still good. I enjoyed watching this. A little boring at times and the ending is awful, but I'm still glad I went to see it. The ending had too much cheese for me. Especially after having the bare minimum amount of cheese up until the ending. Crappy. I need movies to start and end strong.

Didn't hate it, didn't lose my pants over it, but glad I saw it.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2 (3)

I had heard that this movie was better than the first one so I had my hopes up. I may have had them too high. I like the first one better still. This one didn't have enough action in it. When it did, it was good, but I felt there was too much space in between things happening. The things that were happening were not as intense as I wanted them to be. Also, watching this movie in a packed theatre didn't help at all and ruined the experience for me a little.

I liked how they brought the two stories together. I'll leave it at that. Still wasn't a surprise to me though. Seemed obvious once they let the first bit of the puzzle surface. I knew the ending about 45 minutes before it happened. Judging by the sound in the theatre when it did happen makes me believe I was one of the few who did. So maybe you will still be shocked.

The baby scenes were awesome.
And that poor dog...

Still good. Still interesting. Still very well done in terms of effects when they had them. Characters were not as appealing to me for some reason.

Not as impressed but still glad I went to see it.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Udaan (3.5)

A new film from India (2010).

Rohan gets expelled from school and returns home to his abusive father he hasn't seen in 8 years and his 6 year old step-brother he never knew existed. Will he be able to except his old life for what it is or fight for it to be what he wants it to be?

Rajat Barmecha who played the main character Rohan was amazing. I kept feeling like I had seen him in other movies but it turns out this was his first film! Which is even more crazy because his performance made this movie. He was awesome.

The story itself is what keeps you watching. This film is still pretty messy in my opinion. Scenes seem almost random at time with random shots that just don't need to be there. Birds flying. Tree leaves. People walking for 10 seconds.


And distracting. Yet, the story was so good that I was glued. It was hard for me to stay distracted for long, even when all this randomness was thrown about.

All the characters have so many layers. The fear, suspense and anxiety that goes along with this film never ended. Every time something good happened I would just be waiting for him to run into his father. Or mess up again. Or for his little brother to get involved. Every time the father stepped into the room I was nervous. Every. Time.

Watch this for the story (I know, I said story about a million times now). You'll forgive every flaw because of it.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hairspray (4)

I don't generally like musicals. I was looking for something to distract me and lighten my mood and this movie was perfect for that. The dancing is pretty awesome too.

Not going to lie, the story was pretty great. I liked the characters and, even though it was a musical, I thought that the corny level was pretty low. Well, until the end. There was no getting around that though.

Zac Efron. As always. You rock my world.

John Travolta as a women who is married to Christopher Walken. Yes, please. More of that! Hilarious.

Nikki Blonsky who starred as Tracy was pretty good. I didn't feel connected to her at all though. Compared to everyone else I'd say she was my least favourite but not to the point of ruining the movie or anything.

This movie is really fun. Even if you don't like musicals but are looking for something fun, light and entertaining, you will like this. I had a blast. Thought it was really well done!

Trust me, I'm more surprised than you are.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inside (4)

I'm starting to think that the French can make a better horror movie than the Japanese.

A pregnant women loses her husband in a car accident and has trouble couping with the loss. The closer her due date, the more withdrawn she is. One night her door bell rings...what's on the other side of the door isn't what or who you think it is.

Here is what you need to know: a pregnant women and giant scissors.

Ya. That's right. Even the toughest person will cringe and shout while watching this movie. I was pretty much gagging for most of it. Some I could barely watch. Jesus this is an intense and bloody mess...they just don't hide anything.

That being said, it's a spectacular movie, especially for a horror movie. The story is good. The acting is amazing. The effects are ridiculously good. I would say this is one of my new favourite horror flicks (next to Martyrs and 7 Days, both also being French films).

If this doesn't slightly scar you then maybe you should sign yourself up with a therapist. Such a great movie to cause so much emotional trauma. If you love horror you'll dig this flick.

You wont be disappointed.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Social Network (4)

The facebook movie.

I am not a fan of facebook. I have it and use it but it doesn't make me happy anymore. So I guess it's easy to say I wasn't looking forward to this film. Actually, I had planned to never see it because I didn't think it would be interesting to me at all and would ultimately suck.

...I was wrong.

This time it feels so good to be wrong.

This movie had everything I was looking for.

I loved Jesse Eisenberg who played Mark. He nailed it. I was and still am super impressed. I liked him before in Zombieland and Adventureland as well (weird, I never made that connection before) but this role, for me, solidified his awesomeness. It is easy to say I am an avid fan now. Double, spinning high fives. Jesse made this film.

The movie started out so perfectly. I was impressed with how they set this film up. Right from the first sentence I was hooked onto every work Mark said and was instantly along for the ride. The amazing soundtrack definitely helped too.

The story itself that I didn't really know too much about was instantly fascinating. It really sucked me in and kept me there the entire time. Even when the legal mumble started happening I was following every word and was really emotionally tied to the characters.

I don't know if I liked how it ended but I'm not entirely disappointed. The pace was set and flowed perfectly up until the last 15 or 20 minutes. I think they did that on purpose though, sort of mirroring his life. It started fast and picked up but then dropped right back down.

Joseph Mazzello who played Mark's friend Dustin was good. He wasn't in much of this movie but I couldn't not look at him when he'd enter a scene. Don't know why. Okay, okay. He's the Jurassic Park kid but I'd really like to see him star in a major, leading role sometime soon. He drew my attention right away so it must be for a reason... *shrug*

Justin Timberlake. Don't make me go liking you're so close. So close. You're a funny chap but this almost sold me on you. Interested to see what you have in store.

Great acting. Great story. Amazing writing.

It's great. See it.


Red (3.5)

The new action flick with a stellar old school cast: Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren.

About a group of retired CIA coming together to solve one final case: who is trying to kill them and why?

Bruce. Dear, dear Bruce. Why is it that you must rock so? You kick ass dude! The best fight scenes were with you. Some of the moves were mind blowing awesomeness. Ace. Just, fight five sir. I just want to have a Scotch with you...

Morgan Freeman. Always a delight. Love your stuff. John Malkovich. Thank you for not sucking and actually surprising the hell out of me. I really enjoyed you in this film, which is way more than I can say for some of your more recent film/character choices. Helen Mirren. You're a class act. Beautiful, especially with an automatic in your hand. Whew. I hope I'm as cool as you one day.

I really liked Karl Urban in this film too. I lost track of him over the last few years but this movie made me pay attention again. Look forward to what he has coming up next.

Action was awesome. Some really funny scenes too. The flow of this film was just right and some of the sequences were perfect. Not a half bad story but nothing that will blow you away either. Go for the action. There were some one-on-one hang to hand fight scenes that had me jumping out of my seat. Literally. Quite embarrassing yet epic.

Plus. Come on. Bruce Willis. 'Nough said...


Life as We Know It (2.5)

Man, I had already forgotten what the movie was called. I guess that's a bad intro to my review for it...

Girl with a plan. Guy who's plan is to be a manslut. Enter baby. End.

The new romcom that in my opinion isn't very romantic or filled with laughs so I think it should really be dubbed the possibleharshlovedrama. Ya, that works better.

As a 'romcom' it was about as general as they come. You know the ending, you know the characters. The main story twist I didn't really see coming but that's because I knew nothing about the movie before going in to see it but I'm sure if I had watched the trailer than nothing would have been a surprise. Also, it happens pretty much right away so, yeah. Story in general...meh. I mean, it's better than a lot of the other romcoms floating around out there but still. Average, meh-worthy tale.

Why do I give it a 2.5/5 then? Here is why: There were some scenes that I found myself grinning like an idiot so they had me there with some cute baby stuff and a few good scenes. Katherine Heigl you've done it again. I just can't hate you, even when I look forward to not liking you, I also walk away satisfied. Creepy. You're good girl. Josh Duhamel was pretty good looking. That was a plus.

I just didn't believe them together. They didn't fit so no matter how hard they tried to make me believe it as actors I still couldn't. They seemed like buds the whole time. Strange.

Stop with the close-close-close up make-out scenes without music. I don't need to see, hear and feel when they make out. Gross. Just gross.

My one friend hated it. The other felt about the same way I did. Wasn't awful but wasn't really worth going to the theatre to see.

I doubt anyone will watch this in 5 years.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Martyrs (4.5)

A French horror film from 2008. This movie will scar you for life.

A girl is kidnapped and torchered when she is younger but somehow escapes. She spends the next 15 years trying to recover while secretly trying to find the people that had done this to her. When she does...blood. Yet, just when you think the story is done, a completely new plot begins to emerge and that you just didn't see coming. Or wanted to.

I don't scare easily like I've said before. I enjoy a good gore film here and there but generally laugh at the effects because it is so rare to find a horror film where the story and the gore are realistic and work together. This film had that. They did it so well, almost too well.

Some scenes I had to look away. I have a very vivid imagination and sometimes it can be dark but even this was too much sometimes. It just...ugh...and they show everything. Disgusting. I felt sick at times.

Suspense. Story. Thriller. Horror. Gore. Emotions. Acting.


I still cannot believe how good this movie was. Not even as a horror film but just as a film. Amazing.

Don't see this if you don't like blood/awful torcher type things. Eek.

Still don't know how I feel about the very, very end though. Still haven't decided if it worked or not...


Paranormal Activity (3.5)

Getting ready for the Hallowe'en season means an increase in the watching of horror-esque films.

I had already seen Paranormal Activity when it first came out in Canada and I went to the theatre...alone...and loved it. I don't get scared easily in films but I do love the heightened scenes and general fun thrill that comes with a good horror flick. Paranormal activity held my interest and I thought it was one of the better hand-held-cam type horror movies that I have seen.

I'm sure you know the story. A couple begins experiencing paranormal activity in their home so they decide to try and document their experiences. Suddenly things start happening more frequently and continue to get worse as they film. Not all hauntings are ghosts...

I am very much into the ghost shows and really enjoy researching and discussing the paranormal on a completely serious note. I liked this movie because it was like watching a good episode of a ghost television program but having it show you everything that is happening. Okay, the acting is less than average and the guy in this film, I just...I wanted to dick punch him so bad on more than one occasion. Yet that didn't really matter that much.

The suspense was killer (heh, puns). At first the movie is pretty damn boring. Nothing happens and the chick is freaking out and what not. Then stuff starts picking up...then more...then wham. I still would love to know how they did some of the effects that they show 'cause man, no idea how they pulled some of it off on that low of a budget. Awesomeness.

All in all it was way better than I thought, I actually semi-jumped at parts and the suspense is perfection. Definitely more fun with people who scare easy...


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud (3.5)

A boy loses his younger brother in a car accident and has trouble moving on with his life until a girl from the past crosses paths with him again. The question as to why he survived and his brother didn't begins to re-surface along with the reason why he was given a second chance...

The twist in this movie was completely unexpected. At least for me. Takes a lot to completely surprise me, especially when a story seems as basic as this one, but alas I was pleasantly shocked with the twist.

The movie was a little campy but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Some scenes were chuckle worthy with their forced sentimentality but once you looked past that it was a decent film. I do like the story a lot, not only because I believe in the paranormal and I don't think cinema touches upon the nice sides of it enough, but because of the characters. Well, in this case, Charlie played by Zac Efron.

Okay. I will admit, I am a closet (or not so closet anymore) Efron fan. I know he is still stuck with his High School Musical fame and that people have trouble looking past that but I really think he has it in it. I think he could make films for a very long time. He needs a really serious role now, like a gangster or something. Some action flick so that I can see for sure if how I feel about him is true. He is super talented and I hope he sticks around...he also isn't bad on the eyes. Heh.

Some good scenes. Some chuckles but I really liked the main character and thought Efron did a good job. A good end of the day flick that's serious enough to make it worth your while but not too heavy to make you think too much. all I want to do is go sailing.


The Girl Who Played with Fire (4)

The sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

These films are amazing. I did like the first one more, it was darker and the characters and story were completely new to me at that time, so it rocked me into space. That being said, this is one of the few occurrences when the sequel to an amazing film can hold its own. This movie was awesome.

I really liked how it just jumps right back in to the story from the end of the last one. I hate when a good 30 minute chunk of sequels are spent catching the viewer up on things they already knew (and if they didn't see the first one then they should have so too bad for them).

Noomi Rapace who plays Lisbeth is one of the best actresses out there right now. I have no idea how she does it but I'm so so so glad she does. I think I might have a girl crush on her from these films...stunning. Just, everything, awesome. I wish I was that cool.

Michael Nyqvist didn't impress me as much in this movie than in the first but I think that's just because he wasn't in it as much as the last one. Either way, he held his own but I felt something was missing this time with his character...

Great story. Great Characters. Great greatness.

If you liked the first you'll like this film. If you haven't seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo then shame on you, go watch it, then watch this movie because you'll love it.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a son about his father (4.5)

I don't really want to get in to what this documentary is about because I think it's best to not know. You need to watch this. If you don't cry maybe you should re-think if you are actually human at all...

I've watched some upsetting movies in my time but this one is now right near the top as the most emotional, disturbing and unbelievably true story I've heard.

And it is true. 100%. I'm not sure where you are reading this post from but as a Canadian and having this movie point a finger directly at my country was a surprise...but then, so are all the grey lines of any government. You may think your country is better but then I hear of stories like this, stories that everyone should know, and you know that a lot of work still needs to happen.

I could say more but I implore you to watch this film.

It's not a happy tale. There is happiness, in the end. It's not a feel good film. Once you think the worst has happened and that life is cruel...the worst really does happen.

This will change you.

See it.


Say Anything... (4)

Man I love a good 80's flick! They just don't make coming of age movies like this anymore. Epicness. So epic that you will immediately download Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes as soon as the credits roll.

A guy who doesn't know where his life is headed after graduation falls in love with a girl who has her entire future planned and organized...until him.

I'm not entirely sure why but John Cusack holds a very special place in my heart. He always has, I've always liked him. This movie, ohhh boy, if I were older when this movie came out you best believe I'd have his face all over my bedroom walls. Swoon. In all honesty, his acting in this is a reminder as to why he's still around after 20 years. I loved him. I missed him when he wasn't in a scene. He is this film. Loved it.

The story itself is pretty standard but there were some magical moments. Moments that made me grin like an idiot or laugh out loud. Amazing moments that this film builds itself on. Sure, the daughter father thing only gets to touch the surface of that side of the story but they showed just enough to allow for understanding.

I'm putting this film up there with Reality Bites, Empire Records and Ferris Bueller. It has its own amazingness to it that I think it should stick around as a staple coming of age story.



Monday, October 11, 2010

Gomorrah (3)

Following five different characters through their every day lives in Italy's modern day crime.

I had heard that this was one of the best foreign films to watch. Though the film is already two years old I had never heard of it so I was in a rush to find it and check it out.

I don't really get why it was suppose to be so great...

The first, well, solid hour of the film is pretty damn boring. Nothing really happens. The movies starts jumping around and introduces so many new faces that it's hard to tell what story line to pay attention to. A little too scattered for me to feel attached to any one character or story. After that the movie delve into the deeper stuff. Plot started to thicken. Characters became familiar and I suddenly was sucked in.

The acting was nothing fantastic in my opinion. The only thing that stood out to me was the awfulness that went along with the not-so-fiction part of this film. Yes, the characters are not technically real but they do exist in Italy right now. They are slowly taking control of the world in every single illegal way possible yet no one is really stopping them. How can you or I even start to stop them? Yet, this film definitely shows that if someone doesn't and soon than the whole country will fall apart.

The last bit of this movie was pretty awesome. Then at the very end it ends on a slow note...which kind of ruins it again. I don't know, maybe I wasn't in the right mood for it or it just wasn't my style. It isn't an action flick and I am very aware of that but even for a drama I need a little more substance to latch on to.

Still worth the watch for the story. Brutal realities are always a good wake up call.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yellowstone: Battle for Life Part 1 (4)

Another amazing documentary from BBC showing what life is like in the winter at Yellowstone park.

I have always had a special place in my heart for these type of shows. Any National Geographic or other geo-docs, especially those about animals. I love them all. I really enjoy learning about our planet and seeing how I don't know anyone who can afford to fly to all these stunning places whenever they see fit, I'd think you would like them to. Or you least appreciate them.

Beautiful shots. I mean, some couldn't have been filmed long enough. So stunning. I enjoyed how they picked a select few animals and packs to follow, that made it easier for me to notice the changes they were going through (they being the animals).

Best parts where finding out things I didn't know about Yellowstone. Which is crazy seeing how I was brought up on National Geography. Also, the otters. Best part. Every time they were scurrying around in the snow I was laughing pretty hard. Cute. Then the way a fox hunts in the some animals evolved they way they did astounds me. Craziness.

I loved it. It's beautiful and you will learn something that you didn't already know. Guarantee.

My only complaint is that it was not long enough. Guess I'll have to watch part 2 and 3 now.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Séraphine (4)

A 2008 French film based on the life of French painter Séraphine de Senlis (Séraphine Louis). It follows her life from late recognition to her tragic death.

I don't know much about art. Art to me isn't about a name but about a connection you have to a painting for some reason or another, even if you can't explain it. As I was watching this movie I didn't understand why anyone decided to make a film about Séraphine. I suppose her rags to riches story appeals to anyone at any age but I didn't get it until they showed one of her paintings. Then I got it. 100%

I loved this film because it really isn't about someone how had an amazing life and used their talents to get them places. It's almost the complete opposite of those classic tales. This story is true and real. It's real. Some people who have the most talent are never recognized and I think this film shows how that isn't always a bad thing...

Yolande Moreau who played Séraphine was amazing. Especially when things start to go down hill, she was bang on. She completely absorbed this character and by the end of the movie I forgot that she wasn't actually Séraphine. High five.

I liked the way this movie moved along. Especially the first hour. After that it starts to drift a little bit and seems to lose it's main focus but it comes back around before the credits roll. There were some really uneccesary shots and some amazing shots that I felt got edited really poorly or rearranged to the point that it was obvious when the scene moved on...strange. Very distracting. Why put in a scene and then give us no meat to go with it? Hate that.

Great story. Sad, but great. I think it's important to see this side of a memorable and stunningly talented artist (at least in my opinion). Over all it was a great film.


Monday, October 4, 2010

The Man on the Train (3.5)

A 2002 French film about two men with very different lives meeting by chance in a small town. As they spend time together they realize how much they wished to have lived each others lives instead of their own. Will it be too late to change their destinies by switching lives? Will that be enough...

I had heard that this was a movie that you would never forget and it was a must see. While the acting was something stunning and some of the scenes were beautifully done, I can't say that I will remember this film forever.

Jean Rochefort was amazing. I fell in love this this man from the first. By the end of the film I felt so connected that when he was going through the medical stuff I was actually winching in pain. I had nervous, shaky leg and couldn't help it. I felt as if it was me...amazing performance. That last shot will be the one thing that sticks in my mind over anything else from the movie.

Johnny Hallyday was the perfect contrast to Rochefort. Those two together were awesome. Such different characters and different acting styles made the differences among their characters all the more real.

Story was good. I was more interested in one story over the other. The ending to me was good but I'm not convinced that I really got it. It jumped all over the place and there were a lot of random slow-mo scenes that had me confused. They really threw the tempo and movement that was already set for the other 80 minutes go out the window. Very strange and distracting.

Still. That last shot. Beauty.

A good watch. Great characters with some wonderful scenes. Not sure I'll remember it forever but there were parts of it that had me smiling in appreciation.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Get Him to the Greek (3.5)

A nobody man gets assigned the impossible mission to get a washed up, drugged out musician from England to LA for a show. Sounds easy enough...right?

Okay. It's taken me awhile to watch this movie. Not only because I've never understood this whole thing with Russell Brand. Like, really people...he's a sex symbol and hilarious....okay. Not only because it came out the same time as Price of Persia, which I loves, and it beat it in the box office. Not sour. Not because the whole story seemed bogus either...

Now I watched it.

And you know what people...*sighs* I thought it was pretty hilarious. I don't necessarily 'like' Russell Brand but I at least have some respect for the guy. He was pretty hilarious. He is just so...awkward. His body is so awkward. I couldn't stop looking at the way he moved...weird.

The story was sort of lame but it was hilarious though!! Well, until that weird three some thing and then it went all down hill. Climb back up a bit and then dove back down for the ending. Brutal. The movie was SO good. Like, really, I was shocked by how much I loved it and was laughing until that three some thing and then the whole focus and tone of the film changed. For the worst. Sad times.

Jonah Hill. You got something going careful though buddy. You are on the edge of dropping off the radar/cool list if you keep playing the same dude but with a different name and a new t-shirt. I liked you, I want you to me some talent now. Show me what you got.

Story was sort of lame. That fuzzy wall scene. That whole sequence made this movie. It did. Without it I would have probably given this a 2/5. Really. I couldn't believe all the amazingness and hilarity that happened within that 15 minutes but wow....fantastic. Beautiful comedy.

Pretty damn funny. Story was meh. Some scenes will drop you like a sack of potatoes (whatever that means) aka it's fcking hilarious. Some awkward sentimentalness and characters but over all an enjoyable comedy. Best enjoyed in the company of friends.

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