Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud (3.5)

A boy loses his younger brother in a car accident and has trouble moving on with his life until a girl from the past crosses paths with him again. The question as to why he survived and his brother didn't begins to re-surface along with the reason why he was given a second chance...

The twist in this movie was completely unexpected. At least for me. Takes a lot to completely surprise me, especially when a story seems as basic as this one, but alas I was pleasantly shocked with the twist.

The movie was a little campy but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Some scenes were chuckle worthy with their forced sentimentality but once you looked past that it was a decent film. I do like the story a lot, not only because I believe in the paranormal and I don't think cinema touches upon the nice sides of it enough, but because of the characters. Well, in this case, Charlie played by Zac Efron.

Okay. I will admit, I am a closet (or not so closet anymore) Efron fan. I know he is still stuck with his High School Musical fame and that people have trouble looking past that but I really think he has it in it. I think he could make films for a very long time. He needs a really serious role now, like a gangster or something. Some action flick so that I can see for sure if how I feel about him is true. He is super talented and I hope he sticks around...he also isn't bad on the eyes. Heh.

Some good scenes. Some chuckles but I really liked the main character and thought Efron did a good job. A good end of the day flick that's serious enough to make it worth your while but not too heavy to make you think too much. all I want to do is go sailing.


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