Friday, October 1, 2010

Get Him to the Greek (3.5)

A nobody man gets assigned the impossible mission to get a washed up, drugged out musician from England to LA for a show. Sounds easy enough...right?

Okay. It's taken me awhile to watch this movie. Not only because I've never understood this whole thing with Russell Brand. Like, really people...he's a sex symbol and hilarious....okay. Not only because it came out the same time as Price of Persia, which I loves, and it beat it in the box office. Not sour. Not because the whole story seemed bogus either...

Now I watched it.

And you know what people...*sighs* I thought it was pretty hilarious. I don't necessarily 'like' Russell Brand but I at least have some respect for the guy. He was pretty hilarious. He is just so...awkward. His body is so awkward. I couldn't stop looking at the way he moved...weird.

The story was sort of lame but it was hilarious though!! Well, until that weird three some thing and then it went all down hill. Climb back up a bit and then dove back down for the ending. Brutal. The movie was SO good. Like, really, I was shocked by how much I loved it and was laughing until that three some thing and then the whole focus and tone of the film changed. For the worst. Sad times.

Jonah Hill. You got something going careful though buddy. You are on the edge of dropping off the radar/cool list if you keep playing the same dude but with a different name and a new t-shirt. I liked you, I want you to me some talent now. Show me what you got.

Story was sort of lame. That fuzzy wall scene. That whole sequence made this movie. It did. Without it I would have probably given this a 2/5. Really. I couldn't believe all the amazingness and hilarity that happened within that 15 minutes but wow....fantastic. Beautiful comedy.

Pretty damn funny. Story was meh. Some scenes will drop you like a sack of potatoes (whatever that means) aka it's fcking hilarious. Some awkward sentimentalness and characters but over all an enjoyable comedy. Best enjoyed in the company of friends.


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