Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hairspray (4)

I don't generally like musicals. I was looking for something to distract me and lighten my mood and this movie was perfect for that. The dancing is pretty awesome too.

Not going to lie, the story was pretty great. I liked the characters and, even though it was a musical, I thought that the corny level was pretty low. Well, until the end. There was no getting around that though.

Zac Efron. As always. You rock my world.

John Travolta as a women who is married to Christopher Walken. Yes, please. More of that! Hilarious.

Nikki Blonsky who starred as Tracy was pretty good. I didn't feel connected to her at all though. Compared to everyone else I'd say she was my least favourite but not to the point of ruining the movie or anything.

This movie is really fun. Even if you don't like musicals but are looking for something fun, light and entertaining, you will like this. I had a blast. Thought it was really well done!

Trust me, I'm more surprised than you are.


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