Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inside (4)

I'm starting to think that the French can make a better horror movie than the Japanese.

A pregnant women loses her husband in a car accident and has trouble couping with the loss. The closer her due date, the more withdrawn she is. One night her door bell rings...what's on the other side of the door isn't what or who you think it is.

Here is what you need to know: a pregnant women and giant scissors.

Ya. That's right. Even the toughest person will cringe and shout while watching this movie. I was pretty much gagging for most of it. Some I could barely watch. Jesus this is an intense and bloody mess...they just don't hide anything.

That being said, it's a spectacular movie, especially for a horror movie. The story is good. The acting is amazing. The effects are ridiculously good. I would say this is one of my new favourite horror flicks (next to Martyrs and 7 Days, both also being French films).

If this doesn't slightly scar you then maybe you should sign yourself up with a therapist. Such a great movie to cause so much emotional trauma. If you love horror you'll dig this flick.

You wont be disappointed.


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