Monday, October 4, 2010

The Man on the Train (3.5)

A 2002 French film about two men with very different lives meeting by chance in a small town. As they spend time together they realize how much they wished to have lived each others lives instead of their own. Will it be too late to change their destinies by switching lives? Will that be enough...

I had heard that this was a movie that you would never forget and it was a must see. While the acting was something stunning and some of the scenes were beautifully done, I can't say that I will remember this film forever.

Jean Rochefort was amazing. I fell in love this this man from the first. By the end of the film I felt so connected that when he was going through the medical stuff I was actually winching in pain. I had nervous, shaky leg and couldn't help it. I felt as if it was me...amazing performance. That last shot will be the one thing that sticks in my mind over anything else from the movie.

Johnny Hallyday was the perfect contrast to Rochefort. Those two together were awesome. Such different characters and different acting styles made the differences among their characters all the more real.

Story was good. I was more interested in one story over the other. The ending to me was good but I'm not convinced that I really got it. It jumped all over the place and there were a lot of random slow-mo scenes that had me confused. They really threw the tempo and movement that was already set for the other 80 minutes go out the window. Very strange and distracting.

Still. That last shot. Beauty.

A good watch. Great characters with some wonderful scenes. Not sure I'll remember it forever but there were parts of it that had me smiling in appreciation.


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