Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2 (3)

I had heard that this movie was better than the first one so I had my hopes up. I may have had them too high. I like the first one better still. This one didn't have enough action in it. When it did, it was good, but I felt there was too much space in between things happening. The things that were happening were not as intense as I wanted them to be. Also, watching this movie in a packed theatre didn't help at all and ruined the experience for me a little.

I liked how they brought the two stories together. I'll leave it at that. Still wasn't a surprise to me though. Seemed obvious once they let the first bit of the puzzle surface. I knew the ending about 45 minutes before it happened. Judging by the sound in the theatre when it did happen makes me believe I was one of the few who did. So maybe you will still be shocked.

The baby scenes were awesome.
And that poor dog...

Still good. Still interesting. Still very well done in terms of effects when they had them. Characters were not as appealing to me for some reason.

Not as impressed but still glad I went to see it.


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