Saturday, October 16, 2010

Paranormal Activity (3.5)

Getting ready for the Hallowe'en season means an increase in the watching of horror-esque films.

I had already seen Paranormal Activity when it first came out in Canada and I went to the theatre...alone...and loved it. I don't get scared easily in films but I do love the heightened scenes and general fun thrill that comes with a good horror flick. Paranormal activity held my interest and I thought it was one of the better hand-held-cam type horror movies that I have seen.

I'm sure you know the story. A couple begins experiencing paranormal activity in their home so they decide to try and document their experiences. Suddenly things start happening more frequently and continue to get worse as they film. Not all hauntings are ghosts...

I am very much into the ghost shows and really enjoy researching and discussing the paranormal on a completely serious note. I liked this movie because it was like watching a good episode of a ghost television program but having it show you everything that is happening. Okay, the acting is less than average and the guy in this film, I just...I wanted to dick punch him so bad on more than one occasion. Yet that didn't really matter that much.

The suspense was killer (heh, puns). At first the movie is pretty damn boring. Nothing happens and the chick is freaking out and what not. Then stuff starts picking up...then more...then wham. I still would love to know how they did some of the effects that they show 'cause man, no idea how they pulled some of it off on that low of a budget. Awesomeness.

All in all it was way better than I thought, I actually semi-jumped at parts and the suspense is perfection. Definitely more fun with people who scare easy...


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