Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Say Anything... (4)

Man I love a good 80's flick! They just don't make coming of age movies like this anymore. Epicness. So epic that you will immediately download Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes as soon as the credits roll.

A guy who doesn't know where his life is headed after graduation falls in love with a girl who has her entire future planned and organized...until him.

I'm not entirely sure why but John Cusack holds a very special place in my heart. He always has, I've always liked him. This movie, ohhh boy, if I were older when this movie came out you best believe I'd have his face all over my bedroom walls. Swoon. In all honesty, his acting in this is a reminder as to why he's still around after 20 years. I loved him. I missed him when he wasn't in a scene. He is this film. Loved it.

The story itself is pretty standard but there were some magical moments. Moments that made me grin like an idiot or laugh out loud. Amazing moments that this film builds itself on. Sure, the daughter father thing only gets to touch the surface of that side of the story but they showed just enough to allow for understanding.

I'm putting this film up there with Reality Bites, Empire Records and Ferris Bueller. It has its own amazingness to it that I think it should stick around as a staple coming of age story.



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