Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Séraphine (4)

A 2008 French film based on the life of French painter Séraphine de Senlis (Séraphine Louis). It follows her life from late recognition to her tragic death.

I don't know much about art. Art to me isn't about a name but about a connection you have to a painting for some reason or another, even if you can't explain it. As I was watching this movie I didn't understand why anyone decided to make a film about Séraphine. I suppose her rags to riches story appeals to anyone at any age but I didn't get it until they showed one of her paintings. Then I got it. 100%

I loved this film because it really isn't about someone how had an amazing life and used their talents to get them places. It's almost the complete opposite of those classic tales. This story is true and real. It's real. Some people who have the most talent are never recognized and I think this film shows how that isn't always a bad thing...

Yolande Moreau who played Séraphine was amazing. Especially when things start to go down hill, she was bang on. She completely absorbed this character and by the end of the movie I forgot that she wasn't actually Séraphine. High five.

I liked the way this movie moved along. Especially the first hour. After that it starts to drift a little bit and seems to lose it's main focus but it comes back around before the credits roll. There were some really uneccesary shots and some amazing shots that I felt got edited really poorly or rearranged to the point that it was obvious when the scene moved on...strange. Very distracting. Why put in a scene and then give us no meat to go with it? Hate that.

Great story. Sad, but great. I think it's important to see this side of a memorable and stunningly talented artist (at least in my opinion). Over all it was a great film.


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