Sunday, October 31, 2010

Teen Wolf (3.5)

Scott wakes up one day and starts going through some changes. One second he's a teenaged boy and the next he's a teen wolf. He can finally become more than average, but at what price? Is Scott himself, or is he the wolf?

Man I love 80's flicks. I think I've seen this before but it was just as fun this time around. This movie was weird in a good way and such a feel-good film. It's nothing special, the story wont knock you off your chair and the acting is about as good as 80's comedy can get, but the whole film is so entertaining. You just sit and watch and smile. It's awesome.

I didn't laugh as much as I should have for how ridiculous some of the scenes were but that being said I still had a big smile on my face for about 80% of the movie. It's more fun than anything. Michael J. Fox did a great job.

If you like 80's movies, goofy comedies or are looking for a no-brainer, fun movie than you'll like this.

...I kinda want to learn the Teen Wolf dance now.


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