Monday, October 25, 2010

Udaan (3.5)

A new film from India (2010).

Rohan gets expelled from school and returns home to his abusive father he hasn't seen in 8 years and his 6 year old step-brother he never knew existed. Will he be able to except his old life for what it is or fight for it to be what he wants it to be?

Rajat Barmecha who played the main character Rohan was amazing. I kept feeling like I had seen him in other movies but it turns out this was his first film! Which is even more crazy because his performance made this movie. He was awesome.

The story itself is what keeps you watching. This film is still pretty messy in my opinion. Scenes seem almost random at time with random shots that just don't need to be there. Birds flying. Tree leaves. People walking for 10 seconds.


And distracting. Yet, the story was so good that I was glued. It was hard for me to stay distracted for long, even when all this randomness was thrown about.

All the characters have so many layers. The fear, suspense and anxiety that goes along with this film never ended. Every time something good happened I would just be waiting for him to run into his father. Or mess up again. Or for his little brother to get involved. Every time the father stepped into the room I was nervous. Every. Time.

Watch this for the story (I know, I said story about a million times now). You'll forgive every flaw because of it.


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