Monday, November 8, 2010

Amores Perros (4)

An awful car accident connects three people who are all dealing with loss, regret, and life's harsh realities, all in the name of love.

This movie started off with a bang. Literally, gun shots. I was really involved with the story and the different characters but then they started to switch to one of the other three people and I lost my connection. In all honesty, I started to get pretty darn sleepy. I could relate to and be interested in 2 of the 3 characters but the model who messes up her leg did nothing for me. Not sure why, I just didn't give a rats ass.

I've always been a fan of Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal who played Octavio and was one of the three main characters. I liked the character and his story. And the dog. Really did not like the dog fights, not because of the way they were filmed but because I hate animal fights. Makes me angry and sad. They did a good job of making it look like real fights though...I was right pissed when they happened.

The old man with the dogs I didn't get at first but I'm glad they wrap up the film by looking deeper into his story. I got to really understand and feel empathy for him. Also, amazing last shot. Beaut.

Great stories and generally good characters. I liked how they didn't make their stories connecting the main focus, if anything it was used as a transition rather than a turning or focus point. I liked that.

Over all good film. Boring for a good chunk though, but once you get past that bump it's all roller coaster from there.


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