Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Before Sunrise (5)

A must see from 1995. The original film who's sequel Before Sunset I fell in love with and had no idea there was a film that showed how they first met. I wish I had watched the films in order now that I've seen them both, but they are both such amazing films that it ultimately doesn't matter.

An American backpacker meets a french traveler on a train. After talking for most of the train ride, Jesse (Ethan Hawke) talks Celine (Julie Deply) into getting off the train and spending his last day in Europe exploring the city of Vienna. She agrees. Is it fate that put them on the train or just a happy coincidence? Regardless, as the day progresses, they both realize this will be the only day they have together and make the most of it. Could you really say goodbye after the best day of your life?

I liked this movie even better than Before Sunset. This film is perfect. The delicious conversations, the focus completely on the characters and those they interact with. The simple shots and casual scenes. Every word, every place they visited, every look was perfect. There is really nothing I would change about this film. It had my complete attention. Especially when they started having conversations that I have had myself. Almost the exact same words. So surreal to me that it added this extra layer of connection to the whole story.

Ethan and Julie are amazing together. Completely believable. It's almost sad to me to know they are actors and they really didn't fall in love and live this story. I really wish they had. It was that good.

I loved how it was real. They were clumsy and said stupid things and had the nervous laughter and the weird yet beautiful first kiss. Everything. Just awesome writing, direction and acting.

Ya. IF you didn't get it by now I am in love with this film. I could keep going and going but I'll save you the text.

This movie is one of my new favourites.


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  1. This movie is one of my favorite. Period. Loved the movie!


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