Sunday, November 7, 2010

Black Book (4)

Original title: Zwartboek (2006, Netherlands).

A Jewish women tries to survive in Nazi occupied Holland but after her family is brutally murdered in front of her eyes she joins the Resistance and poses as a German women to infiltrate the Nazi headquarters in Holland. After many missions turn into traps the Resistance tries to find who is the traitor, but who could really kill their own people in order to save their own lives? Could she? One tiny book holds all the answers...

Carice van Houten who plays the main character Ellis was amazing. She defiantly rocked this movie. Not only did she look the role but she fit the role. I was completely convinced. Not sure the film would have been quite the same with someone else.

I enjoyed this story because it didn't follow the usually good guys or bad guys of WWII films. It didn't even seem to fall into the usually set up of Resistance-esque classics but rather it merged all of them together. It wasn't your every day war film and I liked that. So much more emphasis was on the characters rather than the action. This is definitely not an action movie but it is anything but boring.

It was based on a true story, so that already is in my good books. I love me a good story that actually happened, it's instantly easier to believe and therefore get sucked into.

Still not sure about the very beginning. They tried to do the whole her-in-the-future thing and then he looking back on the war. I feel like seeing her in the future at the very end would have been just as good. Actually, it would have been better because you immediately knew she was going to survive and that killed a little bit of the suspense as she experiences these life or death situations. You know she's going to make it. Ruined.

Still fantastic. You will enjoy this if you like war flicks.


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