Saturday, November 27, 2010

Due Date (3.5)

A soon to be father is trying to make his way home on time for the birth of his child when he runs into an aspiring actor and walking disaster by the name of Ethan Tremblay. Peter gets swept up into the chaos that is Ethan but through a serious of mishaps at the airport Ethan ends up being Peter's only way home. Enter the worst and most hilarious road trip of life.

I'm a big fan of both Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifianakis and I was really excited to see these two together. I had a feeling that it would be something magical and it turns out I was right. They were perfectly matched in this film. So great to see them work together, I bet it was even more fun for them while filming.

The story is okay, it wasn't anything mind blowing. I also wasn't completely sold on the characters but it was a comedy so I didn't get caught up in it. Some of the scenes were ridiculously amazing and hilarious. There were times I was saying "Oh my God!" in response to the craziness that was happening. So good.

It felt like the movie took awhile to really get rolling. I was rusty at first. The best moments all happen within a 45 minute period, right at the middle of the movie. The beginning and end were meh. The middle was delicious.

I just felt like some things didn't connect and/or were just randomly thrown into the mix to move the story forward but then passed by and forgotten. Like the random best friend (aka Jamie Foxx). Weird.

Loved the pairing of Robert and Zach. I cannot look at Zach without laughing and Robert is an all time favourite. Loved a bunch of scenes but definitely wanted this movie to be more hilarious than it was. It was still pretty hilarious. Writing was okay. Story was okay. It was an over all good comedy and late night flick. I liked it.


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