Monday, November 15, 2010

Easy A (4)

A nobody girl makes up a lie about sleeping with a boy. Then makes a deal with a nobody boy at her high school that she'll pretend to sleep with him at a party. Everything spirals down high from there. Suddenly everyone is either trying to pay her to have fake dates or hates her for what she has become.

Someone told me months ago that this was actually a good movie, but I still had my doubts. How would I be remotely interested and entertained by watching some girl pretend to be a slut?

I enjoyed it a lot.

The character Olive aka big skank was hilarious and amazing. Emma Stone is ace in this role. I really loved watching her. The way her character was written, how she spoke and dealt with things....well, let's just say that I wanted to be her best friend.

So many perfect one liners. So many scenes that had me completely surprised due to their overly fantastic hilariousness. I really had no idea this movie was going to be as funny as it was. Brilliant. I love surprises.

Ending = BRUTAL. It was awful. I was literally groaning over it. Really, really bad. Did I say bad...ya. Not even corn but like a corn field of bad. Which sucks because the film was really good up until the last 10 minutes.

Great character. A lot of familiar faces. Super wicked humour.

And Thomas Haden Church. *grin*

Perfect late night film. I still cannot believe how much I liked this movie...


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