Monday, November 1, 2010

Shine (3.8)

A 1996 Oscar winning biography focusing on the life and talent of pianist David Helfgott.

David has a tough childhood growing up with a controlling and sometimes abusive father who pushes him to play the piano. As David begins gaining popularity and winning awards his father begins to turn on David, forcing him to leave home. At music college David is the top of his class, until a life changing performance does just that, changes David forever. He is diagnosed with a mental illness and put into a psychiatric hospital. For awhile, David's life is on hold. Until he has a chance encounter that will change it all and put him back in the spotlight.

Geoffrey Rush plays David Helfgott. This is a once in a lifetime performance. He was astounding. He was this film for sure. He made it. Hence the Oscar win. Definitely deserved it!

The music was fantastic. The story is heartbreaking but uplifting at the same time. I love movies like this that remind you that life is never a straight line, that everyone experiences an innumerable amount of experiences that shape them. Very inspirational.

This movie was different from other biography type films I have seen. They didn't try to make David come across as some hero. They didn't elaborate on his personal struggles and strife. They just showed us how it was for him. Plain and simple and perfect. There was a perfect balance between story and character. I got to know David so well and also everyone around him at the same time while getting deeper into the story that was David's life. Fantastic.

Only complaint is sometimes they stayed on one part of his life just a little too long. I guess that was it, I'm not entirely sure. I just found my attention coming and going during certain parts of the film. Mostly during the second half of the movie. Not entirely sure why but it did.

And the ending. Not sure if I really liked it or not.

Geoffrey good!!


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