Friday, December 24, 2010

The Ghost Writer (2)

A ghostwriter is hired to complete the memoirs of the former British prime minister after the previous writer's body washes up on shore. With no experience in politics, the new writer begins the work on this long awaited book but the deeper his research goes the more his life is in danger.

I'm generally a sucker for the corrupt political films. I am slowly getting tired of them as the most recent ones tend to be pretty dry and, in my opinion, exaggerate a little too much. I was hoping this movie would be different but alas it was worse than I could've guessed.


So boring. I started fast forwarding during the last 30 minutes of the movie. It was that bad. And even after all that I didn't miss anything. Some of the 'ground breaking' events in this movie were less than a surprise. In fact, the whole movie moves at a slow pace so you think it's because something big is building but when that 'big' thing comes it's almost as exciting as a firework that never goes off.

I was pretty disappointed. The beginning of this movie takes far too long to start up. It starts up and every character is dull and adds almost nothing to the story. Then some other events take place that don't seem to matter all that much. Suddenly the writer is running away on less than exciting get away attempts then...what you thought was true is true.


Lame. I really didn't like it. The only reason why I am giving it a 2 is because I'm a huge Ewan McGregor fan and he can never do wrong (this movie was not his fault). Also, you get to see his bum. That was exciting.

The very, very ending was cool. I love that shot. That was the only time in that 2 hour chunk of my life that I was remotely interested and then 5 seconds later the credits rolled.



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