Friday, December 24, 2010

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2)

A life time bachelor and sleaze finds himself haunted by the 'ghosts' of his ex girlfriends during the weekend of his brothers wedding.

Oh boy. How to start this review...

I sort of wish I hadn't wasted my time on this movie. To be honest, I was playing games on my phone and nothing else was on that I hadn't seen before so I just started to watch this and suddenly I had watched the whole thing and I had no idea why.

I don't find Matthew McConaughey extremely sexy but there is something there so maybe that was the reason. His role wasn't anything wondrous, you are meant to dislike him anyways, but the writing was not so great. Well, by that I mean that it is the most basic and classic case of romcom I have ever viewed. Almost as amazing (sarcasm) as The Back-up Plan. *shiver*

I also could care less about Jennifer Garner and haven't really enjoyed her in any of her films I have seen yet (there is still hope). I can never seem to care anything about her characters. She is just...dry, to me. I guess that's an appropriate word, there is no juice to her characters. What you see is what you get. I guess that works for this simple romcom.

Story is nothing amazing. It's an eye rolling spin off of one of the best stories ever created: A Christmas Carol.

If you want a brainless, not so funny or even so sexy, semi-entertaining and simple movie you should watch this. You don't even really have to pay attention in order to watch it. It sucks because I've liked Matthew in romcoms before this movie and now I'm back to thinking I don't like him...

It's a romcom. It's corny. It's not humourous. It's meh.


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