Friday, December 24, 2010

Hamlet (4.5)

A BBC film of The Royal Shakespeare Company's 2009 adaptation of the classic play starring David Tennant, Patrick Stewart and Penny Downie.

I am a pretty big David Tennant fan at the moment. I have been watching the new Doctor Who series almost religiously and I love, love, love watching him play the doctor. I also remember him as Barty Crouch Jr. from the fourth Harry Potter film. There is something about how David acts what as soon as he enters the shot you cannot take your eyes off of him. It's almost like he is electric. I thought that was caused only by my love of Doctor Who so I was rather looking forward to watching him in another role. Not just any role, but in my favourite play and my favourite theatrical character of all time: Hamlet.

He did no disappoint. He did the complete opposite of that and completely blew me away. I have seen numerous live productions of this play and have watched almost every film version I could find and he might just be my favourite. That's right, he is right next to if not surpassing Lawrence Olivier's portrayal of Hamlet. That is huge. That is hard for me to say. Yet, it's true.

It's something about his little facial reactions. His tiny snaps in dialect and use of words that had me grinning like an idiot or stunned into silence. It was amazing to see. His physicality was astounding. I have never seen a more physical portrayal of Hamlet in my entire life. It almost shocked me really because it was so new. Every other Hamlet is still unless he is 'acting' crazy...but no. David was in this character body and mind. Fantastic to see.

If you can't tell already I am going to go out and buy this movie on Boxing Day. That's right, it is so good I will face the crowds to get my hands on my own copy.

Even if David Tennant isn't enough then, oh, who's this? Patrick Stewart! I mean, come on! How amazing is that?! He did an amazing job as Claudius. Fantastic.

Okay. So. Even if you think you hate Shakespeare I say give this version a chance. It is never dull. You would never know it was a 3 hour long film. The set is stunning, I really loved the use of reflective surfaces and playing with the "play within a play" scenario with the cameras. David does one of the best if not the best portrayals of Hamlet I have ever seen. The everything is amazing...

Ya. Okay. I'll stop now.


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