Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Inkheart (3.5)

A man discovers that he can bring characters from the books he reads to life. As his daughter gets older she finds out who her father really is when a mysterious man, a character from a book called Inkheart that he has been looking for for 9 years, finds them and threatens her dad. Suddenly they all find themselves kidnapped by the villain from this same book and all must fight to get back to the families they have lost.

I have no idea why I decided to watch this movie. It looked so cheesy and so lame anytime I saw the cover and a trailer. I was tired but wanted something fun and simple to watch before bed but I had already seen all the family-esque films that we offered to me, all but this one. I took a chance, and it was way better than I ever could've thought. This movie is surprisingly decent.

Brendan Fraser. I forgive you. You got older and had a family and still wanted to act but didn't want anything too crazy or serious. You had some bad films buddy. Some really bad choices that have coined you as, well, a wash up. I liked you in this role though. I really did. You have some action and some family stuff but you also had some good scenes that had me raising my eyebrows in remembrance of how amazing you used to be. You still got it, it's in there. I felt it while watching this film. Now bring it on back!

Paul Bettany is easily one of my natural favourites these days. I am always so drawn to him. I have no idea why, but he is just amazing. Even in this silly little roles, he is always 100% the character he is portraying and you can't ever blame him for a movie being bad. He is always the best part of any film he is in. Yet, he is just slightly out of the lime light, which makes it even better. Even after films like The Young Victoria and Legion you can't help but feel connected to him no matter the character or film.

This is a family movie though so you can't blame them for the action and the cheese. All things considered though this movie could have been awful but instead it was a fun flick with some good acting and not so awful ending. Huzzah!


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