Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Me and Orson Welles (3.5)

A teenager is cast in the Mercury Theatre production of "Julius Caesar" directed by the up and coming Orson Welles in 1937. Here he finds out the hard way how life in theatre can be and who this Orson Welles guy really is. There's not room for love or kindness in show biz.

I'm a pretty big supported of Zac Efron. He especially had me convinced after I watched Charlie St. Cloud. I know that he got a bad rap and was type casted after his days of High School Music 1 through 78, but he really is talented. If you step back and allow yourself to look at him as an actor now you would (hopefully) see that too. Come on, he's a pure bred triple threat. That is more rare than you'd think. He can actually act and sing and dance without any voice overs or fill ins and what have you. That's awesome. And he's a looker...which always helps. heh. Really though, he was great in this role. It was nice to see him 'on stage' even if that stage was being filmed.

I have found myself liking Claire Danes these days as well, especially after seeing her as Temple Grandin. She was good as the love interest, the selfish love interest.

One big question I had while watching this film was where the hell did this Christian McKay fella come from and why isn't he in every single movie I watch?! He plays Orson Welles and was fantastic. I was shocked to look him up and find that I had never even heard of him before. Hopefully he starts getting more attention because if Zac was so hot I would've been completely glued to him for the whole film.

The story is basic. It was nice to see some theatre on film action going on. It is weird though, as someone who works in theatre, to see it on the big screen. Yet, it's still good to see it. They did a good job of making the theatre seem theatre. All the little stage tricks are real life theatre tricks. That was great to see.

I don't know that much about Orson Welles to be honest, at least not his early years, so it was nice to see this film for that yet it's not a biography. Not at all. It follows the teenager more than Orson so don't bother renting this film and expecting to get an inside look at Welles. The whole movie had a bit of a family feel to it but that didn't make it bad, it just stopped them from digging too far into the real going-ons throughout the film.

Still, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed watching this movie. It's different from watch I usually watch which is always nice. Acting was great. Story is entertaining and there are some really funny moments and a few inspiration lines that had me "hmmm" with my chin in my hand. Literally.

Worth a gander for sure.


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