Sunday, December 12, 2010

Paper Heart (4.5)

Charlyne Yi goes on a hunt across America to try and grasp a better understanding of something she's never felt and doesn't belive in: love. Sometimes when you look for something hard enough it finds you, but will she be able to feel it when it happens?

I was interested in this movie when I first saw trailers for it last year but then it slipped under the radar and I hadn't thought about it until a friend told me I had to watch it.

So glad that I did.

Yet another, thank ye lords, Michael Cera film that I love! Woohoo. I'm so glad that I'm a fan again (sorry Michael, you had some awful, awful movies and I lost faith). He was super amazing in this movie. I was grinning and giggling because of him the whole time. Also, strangely the cutest thing ever. High five.

Charlyne Yi was someone I had never heard of before and at first I wasn't feeling her. Then I really got to love her. I don't know, there is something about her that is very interesting and by the end of the movie I was sucked in.

Best parts of the movie were the little puppet things that Charlyne did/does. I can't tell if she did that just for this movie or if that is one of her things she does. No idea, but I LOVED them.

This movie definitely warmed my heart and a little bit of my soul. Listening to all of the stories and seeing all these people was amazing. I really liked the way this film was set up and how it all came together. Well done. It honeslty made me feel less awful about being single than most rom coms do. I didn't feel bad and lonely, I felt refreshed and excited about this whole "love" thing. It's not as easy as it sounds to talk about love without making those without feel like garbage. Hat tip for that.

I really want to know if this was fictional or not. I want to know if they actually met like that. I feel like not, but at the same time I feel like it's part truths. Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera are dating in real life...that makes it all the more cute.

I dig it. I thought it was different and super amazing. Definitely will be watching it again soon. Maybe even tonight.


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