Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Proposal (4)

The leading editor of a big publisher in New York City is about to be deported back to Canada when she announces that she is in fact getting married to her over-worked assistant Andrew. In truth, she is blackmailing him into the whole ordeal in order to get a visa so she can continue working for the company. What she doesn't know is who Andrew is, or more importantly, how amazing he could be.

I've always liked Sandra Bullock so I tend to attempt to watch all her new releases. This one slipped past me last year though and I only came upon when web-stalking, I mean, researching Ryan Reynolds online. Then a friend told me about it and another and another so I had to see it. Even after watching it about 5 times I still love it. It's far more hilarious than I thought it could be.

Sandra is amazing. She nails the role. I always find her funny though, not sure why. Ryan Reynolds is amazing and super as always hot in this film. I like them together in this movie because just like their characters you would think they would be good together...but they are. Really liked watching them work together.

I'm not sure if I 100% believed them being in love by the end though. Not sure why, I just didn't believe it.

Bonus: Betty White is Andrew's Grammy. Fantastic. She is part of the most hilarious scenes in this film. That whole "give thanks to the universe" chant thing kills me every time. So good. So glad to see her as this character. You rock Betty! ...and the puppy. I love that little fur ball.

When it comes down to it though, and you get past the hilarity of at least half of this movie, it is a romcom. With that comes an obligation to not question every thing and allow yourself to be entertained. If you can do that this movie will surprise you just as much as it did me. I really like this movie.

Funny. Cute. Some magically hilarious scenes and Ryan with his shirt off. Yum.


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