Wednesday, December 1, 2010

TiMER (3.5)

What if there was an invention that could tell you when you will meet your soul mate, would you want it? Would you get a timer? Why leave love to fate when it hurts so much and seems so hard to find the one you're suppose to be with? Is it wrong to want to know? Oona doesn't think so, until her life gets turned upside down all because of the timer.

I didn't know how to feel about the story at first but as my friends and I watched it the more questions I noticed we were asking. Some out loud and some we discussed after the credits rolled. I liked that about this movie, more than anything else, I loved that it caused me and others to question what they think is right when it comes to love. When it comes to soul mates. When it comes to planning fate...

The writing wasn't amazing but at least the story leaves you questioning. Obviously there were flaws in the story but it did the best it could with the allotted 2 hours.

Emma Caulfield (Oona) was decent in this movie. Having watched her in Buffy I couldn't help but notice how similar both the characters were. Not sure if that just happened or if it was bad acting, but she did a good enough job. Nothing life changing or brag worthy, but she wasn't annoying or make me roll my eyes.

I now have a huge school girl crush on John Patrick Amedori though. He plays Mikey, the younger and slightly greasy lover of Oona. I liked his character. Once again, nothing amazing but he had me giggling and sighing at the proper parts. His good looking face helped him out there though, what can I say...

No one acting wise was impressive, but once again I liked the story. Some parts didn't match up and caused some eye brow action but it still left me thinking about "the one". That whole obsession with that. They didn't try to candy coat anything, all the relationships were pretty raw.

The ending wasn't the greatest but I know I wouldn't have liked it no matter how they decided to end it. There really was no good way to finish this movie so I can't really complain about the end.

If you want a different take on the whole romcom bit than check this movie out. It wont amaze you but it should leave you questioning one or two things by the time the credits roll.


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