Monday, December 13, 2010

TRON: Legacy (4.5)

One day Sam's father, Kevin Flynn, disappears. The famous computer game creator and programmer drops off the face of the planet and no one, not even Sam, knows what happened to him. When Sam grows older he gets a tip to check out his fathers deserted arcade. He finds a secret door behind the Tron game. This door finally reveals to Sam a new side to his father, the side that took him away from him all those years before. His greatest creation...

I was really, really, really looking forward to this movie. For a long time now. I held back a bit though because I felt for sure that they weren't going to do it right. I mean, Disney is great, but generally when they try to do these types of films it's always lacking something. Missing a key part that would make it fantastic.

They found that part for Tron. This movie was way better than I ever thought it could be. Maybe it was because I didn't get my hopes up or maybe it's because I don't know as much about Tron as I should...regardless. This movie is one of my new favs. Hands down. I wish I could watch it again right NOW...

Jeff Bridges. Just...amazing. I loved him. He was perfect for Kevin Flynn. I don't think anyone else could have played it just right, just the way he did. Double high fives.

I was a little worried about Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn but he was actually pretty good. I liked him. He handled all the action and what not really well. Nothing ground breaking but he wasn't annoying and for that I tip my hat. He could've played it all wrong but no, he did me proud.

Okay. Now for the good stuff: the visuals. Only exclamations and swear words come to mind here. It was beyond imagination. I was breathless for some of the shots. I mean, whoa. Really amazing. All the game stuff, the lights and even the 3D was spectacular. It was a nerd dream come true. Amazing action. So good. Well paced, well edited and didn't need to be used to cover any flaws in the story (at least I didn't think so) so it made it all the more raw. And fun. Amazing.

I am not generally a 3D supporter but this movie finally showed me what potential lies in that technology. It was a wild ride, very well done.

Only one thing that bothered me and it was only in the slightest: the young Flynn CGI. I mean, it was only so obvious because the rest of the movie was so perfect, but still. It bugged me a little. You can't blame them though really, it looked amazing but it just wasn't real.

Word of advice: don't treat the plot like a puzzle, even if you don't know anything about Tron before now you will be fine. There are no secrets hidden or anything (well, there are little nerd things but if you don't get them it doesn't ruin anything). Basically what I'm saying is if you get too caught up in the story and put all your focus on the plot than the whole movie will flash by you. Just listen and take everything at face value and go along for the ride. If you have questions after do what I'm about to do and go back and re-watch and re-read what came before. Honestly though, not knowing any Tron history does not matter at all.

Daft Punk. You're Gods. Really and truly. The soundtrack is 50% of what makes this film so perfect.

As the credits rolled my mind was on fire. My imagination was at it's peak. I love when a movie can do that. I saw things just a little bit differently than I normally do.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
See it!


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