Thursday, December 23, 2010

Waterworld (3.5)

1995 action/sci-fi starring Kevin Costner.

Okay, stop rolling your eyes! I feel like most people, even those who have never even seen this movie, they just assume that it's bad or remember it being bad. I am one of those people who quite enjoys this movie. I am going to tell you why! And, no, Kevin Costner is not hot so that is not the reason.

Set in the future when the entire planet is consumed by water, we follow the story of one drifter who gets stuck trying to help a woman and a young girl to find dry land. There is something special about the girl that this drifter didn't know about until the outlaws begin to track and hunt them down. Now they are not only looking for land but for a way to save their own lives.

I will admit that there are gaping holes in this story so don't bother trying to look at it in any sort of realistic way; it wont work and you will hate it. Also, yes, the acting is nothing short of awful (for the most part), but even if the acting was a little better, what makes this movie good has nothing to do with the acting.

Maybe it's because I grew up with this film so I've always liked it but I really like the over all idea. I liked how they tried to look at the "end of the world" scenario in a new way. I mean, I think this was one of the first movies that made people stop and think about the ice caps and the environment in a whole new way. This was a decade before movies like Day After Tomorrow and 2012 and what not. Those aren't very good either but they force you to think about how bad stuff could really be. The only thing is that Waterworld didn't have the CG or the effects that the end of days movies do now which to me adds to it's awesomeness.

I liked the cheese. I enjoy that every thing, though bogus, was's basically Mad Max on water and Kevin Costner is Mel Gibson. That's basically what it is. It also said screw you to the 90's movie go-er crowd and just threw this story in their face which ultimately back fired but I still think they need some credit for doing that. It really is a cool idea.

Granted, if you don't like action movies, Kevin Costner, or sci-fi type films you will probably want to stab your eyes out but if you do give it a chance. It's not so bad. IF anything it's entertaining and some of the seriousness will make you laugh pretty damn hard. could be worse. Trust me. It really could.



  1. great review! :) Waterworld is going on my Netflix as I type this, haha! Thanks for doing this! - Sarah!

  2. thanks for commenting! Glad I could assist in your movie watching needs. hehe. Let me know if there is anything else you want me to review and I'll add it to the list! :)


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