Monday, January 3, 2011

500 Days of Summer (4.5)

Summer never believed in love, not even when Tom enters her life and falls for her. Everyday Tom loves her more while everyday Summer feels less sure. This is a story about love, but it's not a love story.

I have been a Joseph Gorden-Levitt fan ever since 3rd Rock From the Sun (one of the greatest shows of life). He kept things pretty low key have 10 Things I Hate About You, another favourite of mine, but now he's on the up and up. Especially after movies like Inception, I think he should start getting more notice. I loved him as Tom. He did a fantastic job of reflecting all kinds of emotion. Watching him throughout the relationship was like watching myself at times. Especially when things start falling apart. I was literally laughing out loud, more at myself than at him. Yet, the fact that he summed up what I'm sure everyone has experienced at least once in their lives - heartbreak - and physically embodied it. Awesome. Also, the dance scene. Just saying. Best part. Oh, and the plate smashing thing. I totally connected 100% to that scene. Ha.

While I think that Zooey Deschanel is beautiful and a talented musician (see also She&Him) I can't say I really feel connected to her in movies. I think she worked well with Joseph but she was missing something for me. Still, nothing distracting or anything.

The story is the best. Like I said before, it's a story about love but not a love story (they even say that at the beginning). I like how it took a different look at relationships and what it does to certain people. How destroyed your life can because because of it but also how great it all is. I liked how they set the whole thing up, jumping back and forth between day 1 and 458, then 45 and 130, and so forth. I think everyone can identify with the characters and the story in some way and because of that the writing is the best part about this movie. I haven't seen anything quite like it.

Not a romance. Definitely humourous. Mostly, it's just true. You can't say that about the majority of films out there so I believe it make this movie a must see.


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