Monday, January 31, 2011

The Answer Man (3)

So, when I watched this on Netflix it was called The Answer Man but when I went to IMDB it to check facts it said it was called Arlen Faber which is the name of the main character. Strange.

About an international best selling author who writes a spiritual book that changes peoples lives. He is a recluse and a loner until back problems puts him on the path to two very important people. He doesn't know it at the time, but they will change him like his book changed the lives of so many others.

It was so good to watch Jeff Daniels again. I haven't seen a movie with him in it for awhile but I remember always liking him back in the day and I really liked him as this character. He has an amazing expressionistic face that had me giggling almost every time I saw him. Him being angry was brilliant, and he did quite well as an awkward man of pure solitude. There was something missing though...I guess I just wasn't fully convinced. Still enjoyable.

Lauren Graham who played the love interest...well, I didn't really get it. I just wasn't feeling her at all. Some of it was because of how the character was written but some was definitely how it was played. I don't have an exact example but I felt no connection to her at all.

Lou Taylor Pucci who played the recovering alcoholic bookstore owner was very interesting...good character, wish he was in it a little bit more.

As a 'romantic comedy' it wasn't that romantic. It was more along the lines of a drama/comedy. Not so much black comedy but it didn't have that romcom feel to it. It sadly had a poor executed and random/awful ending that most romcom have but that was about it. There wasn't even any intense kiss scene or anything that really made me go "Awwe". Meh.

Over all it was entertaining. I liked watching it just for Jeff Daniels and some of the writing was awesome. There were some lines that had be almost stunned by how honest and to the point they were. We (the friends I was watching it with) even rewound one part to listen to it again; when he explains about why kids are great. Fantastic.

Decent. Some good laughs but nothing to rush out and watch.


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