Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blue Valentine (4.5)

The all too real life story about one couple, following them from the highest of highs and the very lowest of lows.

Real. This movie is real. That's the one word that about sums it up. It's raw, it's truthful, it's fearless, it's shocking, it's emotional and traumatic and funny and cute and heart breaking...

Ryan Gosling...yes. Yes and then some. I hate to do this to you buddy, but I have to bring up The Notebook. I mean, yes it's a romantic movie, which isn't really what Blue Valentine is about, but performance wise it reminded me of that. It reminded me of when I first really saw you acting and feel in love with you because if it. You were so much more stronger and amazing in this film. I have no idea how you do it, physically and emotionally, to absorb another person like you do. But I'm glad you do. My eyes are even more open to you basically could make only shitty movies from now on and I would still be your biggest fan.

Michelle Williams, I saw you in Shutter Island and Brokeback Mountain but I never really saw you until now. What an amazing performance. There were some scenes that made me so emotional due to my complete and utter connection with you that I wanted to just scream. You are now on my top awesome of awesome list. Fantastic performance. You even out shone Ryan in my eyes...and that's a big deal.

This movie will shift your perspective and quite possibly your life. I myself didn't find it so shocking on a personal level, but I think I was one of the few people in the theatre without a fresh sheet of tears down their cheeks (yes, even the men) but I just don't normally cry during movies for some reason. I did almost cry, that's huge. Especially the one scene at the hospital with Michelle...I didn't think I was going to make it. So intense. Ugh. This is not a "feel good" film folks. So don't take anyone to see if for a first date or anything...really, don't. Unless you don't like them.

Performances were outstanding. It was such a great story, I mean, not great as in happy but great as in so real that you can't help but believe it. At one point I was so completely sucked into it that I didn't notice my arm was asleep or that I was in a room full of people. I was that into it. Someone could have screamed at me and I wouldn't have heard them. That's some strong cinema. Fantastic.

I could keep going on and on but I will end this review by just saying whole heartily that this is definitely one movie you do not want to miss.


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