Sunday, January 16, 2011

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An aspiring writer starts following strangers to get material but quickly becomes obsessed. One day he is following a man who confronts him. This man says he is a thief and begins teaching the writer the tricks of his trade. Turns out that one man isn't quite who he says he is.

Another amazing film from Christopher Nolan (Inception, Memento, The Dark Knight). I think it's insane that every single film of his that I have seen has been like nothing I have ever seen before. This was an interesting neo-noir type film from 1998. I had no idea he had ever made a film like this one but compared to all his most popular movies I would say Memento has the same sort of feel/tone to it.

The acting isn't anything eyebrow worthy. In fact, the characters are so amazing that there really wasn't any need for ultra-awesome acting skills. There is really no way that anyone could have fcked it up. The story is about the characters and the story is so interesting and well laid out that the acting is the last thing, or should be, on your mind.

I have seen films that are based around this same idea but in the end this one was different. I can't say exactly why it was so good, the story is super interesting and strange enough to hold your full attention. The characters and the dialogue that takes place is strangely appealing and really engaging.

I guess interesting is the best word to describe this film.

Regardless of my lack of words at the moment I honestly loved watching this movie. It's only 70 minutes but so much takes place. The story and characters are really interesting and the plot twist definitely caught me off guard. What the film sounds like and begins to feel like isn't what it actually is about at all, and I always love when that happens.

A great little flick.


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