Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Green Hornet (4)

Following the death of his father Britt Reid inherits his dads news paper The Sentinel. Crime is on the rise and Britt is about to find out the real reason why...and then will try to stop it.

First off, I have been hearing mainly bad things about this film. I had been looking forward to it since I saw the trailer back in the day and I was bummed when I started to read negative reviews. So, here's the thing, this movie is awesome. I loved it. The people who said/say this film sucks probably just don't like this genre of movie. The comedy/comic book style that should be left to the nerdy, geeky and fun loving critics. This is not a "serious" movie, and the moment you want it to be is the moment you start hating it.

I can't say I've always been a Seth Rogen fan. I can say that lately I've begun liking him more and more. This was one of my favourite roles of his so far (next to Pineapple Express and Super Bad). I thought he was perfect as and for this character. I honestly can't think of anyone else who would have played it as well as he did. It just worked. There was enough hilariousness with a side of serious that just worked really well. High five Seth.

The best part about this movie next to the awesome fighting that I'll get to in a second was the "side kick" played by Jay Chou. At first I thought I knew who he was, but then I didn't, but now I know why. I had seen him in True Legend. This guy kicks some serious ass! He was hilarious but also just good. Solid. Really solid. Perfect match for Seth.

Okay, the action. The car chases will not knock your hat off or raise any eyebrows, but what will are the slow down fight scenes. I love slow-mo fight scenes to start with, but this was different. This film had just a little bit of extra spice added in there. The focus and use of colour for the weapons and what not was brilliant. The first time it slowed, in the graveyard, I think I stopped breathing for the entire scene. I had my hand over my mouth and just couldn't get enough. It was beautiful. I wanted to rewind that scene and watch it again and again and again. Totally awesome. I was hooked from that scene on. Fantastic.

This is a fun film. It has some seriously awesome fights/action with some great laughs. There were some really hilarious scenes actually, almost equal comedy to action. I liked that. It was a great sit back and enjoy type movie. It's not life changing but I really enjoyed it. The story isn't lame and the characters are great. Well, except for Cameron Diaz. Sorry girl, but I have never liked you and you didn't show me anything different in this movie either. Kinda lame.

If you like comic book to movie movies or action films or comedies (that about sums up 80% of you I should think) you will find something you'll love in this movie. If not, there will be laughs.


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