Sunday, January 16, 2011

In Bruges (4.5)

Two hitmen are forced to leave London after one of them accidentally murders a little boy. They are in hiding in Bruges, Belgium waiting until their boss calls to tell them their next steps. When the call finally comes, sightseeing is over and the next hit is for one of them. After a series of events the boss has to come down to finish business himself, except it wont be that easy. Not in a shit hole like Bruges.

This movie has been on my "movies to watch" list for almost a year now. I have been looking for it and then forgetting it and then looking for it when to my delight it popped up on Netflix and I squeeled like an idiot and watched it right away. It did not disappoint!

This movie is the same sort of dark comedy like Lock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels or even Boondock Saints, along those lines. I didn't think it was going to be as hilarious as it was, I mean, there wasn't barrels of laughs but when something was funny, it was funny. So good.

This is one of the only movies that I 100% loved Colin Farrell in. He was fantastic! His character cracked me up but then was an emotional wreck and then would flip to being this badass hitman. So awesome. Definitely crazy. Entertaining as hell.

Brendan Gleeson was fantastic as always, but that's never a surprise. He is good in everything he does (Harry Potter, Gangs of New York, Green Zone). This time he was the perfect match for Colin Farrell, they worked really well together. Sometimes all it would take was a look from one to the other and I was giggling.

Ralph Fiennes, you can never ever do any wrong. Even when you're only in a movie for about 15 minutes you rock it. He could walk by in the background and you would remember him. I've always liked him but no one can say he isn't good in anything he ever does since Voldermort . Brilliant actor, so smart and so raw. Awesome. The phone smashing scene is the best.

Great story. Good enough ending. Solid comedy, when the lines dropped they hit you hard. I was laughing up a storm. Just all around great film. Double high fives for all.


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