Sunday, January 9, 2011

Legion (2)

A middle of nowhere, run down diner turns into the battleground for the survival of the human race. A group of unfortunate strangers have to fight for mankind with the help of a strange man who turns out to be Michael the Archangel (Paul Bettany).

This movie is just what you'd think it would be: awful. It was hilariously awful though so that made it slightly more barable and gave me the courage to finish watching the entire film.

Paul Bettany is really the only good part of this entire movie (see also Inkheart and The Young Victoria ). Even with the awful writing, the sad acting and less than impressive 'action' he still happens to stand out. Amazing. He obviously was looking for a fun role to play and this gave him that but it sucks that the movie sucked and he ended up carrying the weight of suckage on his own. Still great to see him.

There was some average suspense but it was usually masked by stupid one liners, stupid characters or just overly weird weirdness.

It was fun to watch though. It definitely was no Constantine, which looked bad but ended up being a fantaastic movie, it was just bad. It looks how it is. So, if you like silly movies like I sometimes do you should watch this one. It's good for it. Also, Paul Bettany is always worth it in my not-so-humble opinion. He can never do any wrong, not even in a movie like this.



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