Monday, February 28, 2011

Cars (4)

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A rookie race car is one race away from fame, money and glory. On his way to his final race he falls off his truck and gets lost on Route 66 in a middle-of-nowhere rundown town. Here he finds what he was always looking for; friends and family.

What, how is this movie already 5 years old?! Where have I been? I am sad that it took me this long to see this amazing kids movie because now I understand all the hype and lunch boxes and light up shoes...

Pixar did it again; it's a great movie. In terms of kids movies, this is ultimate. I mean, to me it's no Toy Story 3 or How to Train Your Dragon but that's because I'm not into cars and especially not into NASCAR. That being said, I still highly enjoyed this movie. I was surprised how much I did considering everyone is a car, even the flies are cars (that was really awesome by the way).

I loved all the wacky and lovable characters. I liked that it was more of a drama than a comedy but still had hilarious parts. I was also surprised at how into the enire movie I was. When he was racing I was twitching my foot and was really into the movie. You really start to see the cars as characters and more like people than metal.

For kids I'm sure this would be really fun and if I was entertained I'm sure they will be too. It was a nice late night film to entertain me and hold my attention.

Best for me was the bonus at the end during the credits. Keep that in mind. That made me laugh for a long time!

Very well done. If I liked cars/NASCAR I would give it a 5.


The X Files (4)

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The first X Files movie, also known as The X Files: Fight the Future(1993).

Mulder and Scully have to fight to government in order to find the truth behind the conspiracy of alien colonization on earth. There's truth to every conspiracy but can two people fight the seemingly unavoidable future of mankind and planet earth?

Oh man, I forgot how much I LOVE The X Files. I really, really do. I was completely shocked by how amazing this movie still is even after over a decade since it's release. Honestly, this movie can totally hold its own when compared to new conspiracy/alien type movies. In fact, I think it's better than at least 80% of the crap that's coming out these days. This is a good movie. Well, it has it's 90's moments, don't get me wrong, but it has real depth, thought and backbone. It also has good acting, which has become sadly rare and less of a necessity than big explosions in this genre now-a-days (listen to me sounding like an old woman).

There really is something magical about David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. I guess it could be all the years that they had time with their characters and working together on the show, but I also think there is this natural energy between them that is magnetic to me as the audience. I couldn't help but listen to every word they were saying. Really awesome duo there.

The story is actually decent. I mean, it makes you stretch your own reality a little bit, but isn't that the point of these movies? The sci-fi/conspiracy films were suppose to make you stop and go, "Wait, this couldn't happen in real life...could it?" and then you sit and think about it. Discuss it. Maybe laugh at it but lodge it in the memory somewhere. Gotta love the paranormal for that.

This movie ignited my long-dormant passion for the series and now I have to go and re-watch the whole thing. I am really looking forward to it, there's no show out right now that can even remotely compare to The X Files so back I go...

The movie is just as epic if not more so than I remember the episodes to be. I do remember the second one being less than impressive but now I need to go and watch that too. I mean, to still have that power and hold so much intrigue 10 years later is something that should be given some respect.

Great sci-fi flick!


Dragonheart (3)

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The king dies in battle and his son is mortally wounded. The queen brings her son to a secret place where a dragon performs the ultimate sacrifice and gives him new life. The prince was not the innocent, kind boy he seemed and he quickly turns evil. The knight who helped him now blames the dragon for the dark change and, once banished by the new king, becomes a dragon slayer hunting for the creature that ruined everything. When he finds him he is the last dragon alive and holds the true secret that will end the king's evil reign once and for all.

This action/adventure film from 1996 was all the rage when it first came out. I remember watching it all the time when I was a kid and I got teary eyed by the end every single time. Blame a lazy Sunday or maybe my obsession with re-watching old classics at the moment, but whatever the reason I went back and watched this old classic...

Once thing is immediately clear: this movie was way better when you're a kid. Now that I'm older and smarter, and can't just trust the imagination or others or accept the beauty that is suspended disbelief, this movie is ruined for me. I still loved watching it, mostly for the comedic factor and saying "Hey, it's What's His Name!" every 15 seconds (because everyone is in this movie). Also, who doesn't love Sean Connery and dragons. What's better than both those things?

When they are MERGED INTO ONE! *gasp*

Really though, no one has a bad ass dragon voice like the big C. He made this movie. Wicked. Also, the dragon seems to be a better actor than about 75% of the cast. Just sayin'.

Dennis Quaid, oh Dennis. You are pretty brutal in this movie. He did the fun and quirk but nothing else. He did have a ridiculous amount of belts on though, he had that going for him.

This was the perfect lazy Sunday movie. It was nice to sit back and enjoy a good 90's flick. You cannot take this movie remotely seriously if you're older than, well, maybe 8? Maybe younger? Still great to go back and watch it again.

Sean Connery and dragons. I mean, you can't really lose, can you?


TRON (3.5)

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The original 1982 version.

The story starting with the initial development of "the grid" and Flynn's attempt to take back what was his, but he has no idea how far his creation has come with the help of the one who is the blame for his current demise into the arcade business. Flynn is tossed into the world he helped create only to have it try to destroy him. Can he bring freedom to this world and bring it back to the real world?

If you liked the new Tron: Legacy movie you will love this one just as much. I sure did. I thought it was a really fun movie and helped tie up some lose ends and big questions that I had after watching the new film. A lot of the main characters are also in the new one, something that I had no idea of until I went back to watch the original. There were a few jokes in the new movie that I would not have appreciated either if I had never seen this movie. So, so glad I watched it. I really loved it. Just as amazing as the new one.

This was truly ground breaking effects for the early 80's. Remember computers back then? The ones with green letters on a black screen? And then some how genius people went in and created this beautiful world. It's far more impressive than the new one could've ever hoped to be. Yes, it's not as shiny or clean as the new one but if you allow yourself to really understand that it was made in 1982 I think you will be just as blown away as I was. I had no idea that they could even do that stuff back then. Craziness. Really cool. Also, it adds that extra layer of this other world because it looks a little bit more weird and rough. Still, really cool. Love the world they created.

Jeff Bridges...I just wanted to hug him and pinch his cheeks in this movie! He was so cute and so cool. Wacky as hell, but cool. I would've loved to party with Flynn! I haven't seen a lot of the old Jeff Bridges flicks so this was a nice treat. I just can't get over it, especially when I sit and compare him then to him now in films like True Grit. He really has come a long way and I'm so glad that he stuck around.

This movie is pretty sci-fi and nerdy but if you dig that stuff this is a classic film that you cannot pass up. Not that you shouldn't, but that you can't. It really was the foundation for so many films and sky rocketed the whole computer/robot world movies. There was some computer lingo that I just couldn't follow at all but it didn't stop me from being able to follow the movie.

I loved it. I think I may have to buy it when I see it next. Once again, if you liked the new one, you will dig this. It's a bit slower and totally 80's in every way but it's still a great film.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Am Number Four (4)

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This movie really heightened my nerd senses. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the action was awesome.

While the acting wasn't overly amazing I thought Alex Pettyfer played the character well. He is suppose to be a moody teenager after all, so you can't hold that against him; teenagers are annoying and lame. I thought he handled the action well and when he smiled, I grinned. Couldn't help it. Just something about him...

Best thing was when I saw Timothy Olyphant for the first time. I had no idea he was in this movie and I like seeing him on screen, although it's been awhile since I have seen him (last time was The Crazies). I thought he played the "watcher" part well...I did want to see him in action more though.

Diana Argon, who is apparently from Glee (no idea, don't watch that show), was hardly note worthy. I know, she is young and is playing someone young but I was so tired of her sexy eyes/innocent smirk/perfect face after the first 10 minutes. I just...I have nothing more to say about that.

The action was awesome. The big fight scene at the end was amazing. Seeing him learn his powers was really cool and I liked the whole idea/look of it all. I didn't find the scary bad guys that scary or really that bad...they had cool guns though (and baggy pants).

I was 100% absorbed in this film for the majority of it. The only time I was shocked back into reality was during any silly puppy love shots or the classic high school scene. They had to show it though, it's part of it, but I really hate high school(s) in movies. Always so lame...just like in real life.

The one thing that bugged me - and I can't get over it - was the fact that the popular guys at school and in the end the entire town disapprove of Alex's character but when the bad guys come and things go down they all seem to leave him alone and just accept it all. That would not happen in real life and I feel like there were a good 2-5 chapters of the book just left out which was kind of lame. I guess if they had put in the "wrap up" scenes then it would have just dragged on but I still feel like I needed some cap on the situation.

Characters were good. I forgive all the forgettable sideline performances...there weren't a lot of palm-to-forehead one liners which was a nice surprise. Alex did a great job and the effects/action were really cool to see. Definitely worth seeing it on the big screen so you really experience it all (IMAX is most likely not necessary).

I'm excited to see where they will take this. Teresa Palmer who played Number 6 kicked some serious butt and I want to see more of her character and the story has so much potential. Guess I should go read the books, but I kind of want to watch the movie again. Right now.


Monday, February 21, 2011

The Money Pit (3)

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A young couple moves into their dream home only to have it fall apart before their eyes.

First off I just want to say, God bless 80's soundtracks. That had me laughing before anything even started. Ohh, the good old days.

I love Tom Hanks. He can not do any harm. I have liked him in every single movie I have ever seen him in. I cannot say that for any other actor to date. How can you not love him when he can go from movies like Catch Me If You Can to Toy Story and still impress you. I am slowly going back and watching his old comedies and I really, really like him in them. I liked his character in this movie and I laughed at him the hardest the entire time. Without Hanks this movie would have totally sucked. Him and his little shorts...haha.

Shelly Long was great with Hanks. I think they worked really well as an on screen couple and she usually fueled his more hilarious moments in the film.

Best parts: him running up the stairs, the bath tub and when he is covered in paint and that whole scene with the scaffolding.

Genius humour. I made the mistake of taking a sip of water just before the stairs scene and I LITERALLY spit it back into my cup because I was laughing too hard and started to choke. That does not happen as often as I want it too. So good.

While this movie had it's amazing parts the rest of it was flip-flop. Some scenes were good, the next it was awful and I had no idea why they were there. Like, what the hell is with her weirdo, Fabio style ex boyfriend?! That is just ridiculous and not funny. His whole dad thing could have been cut completely out in my opinion. I don't know, too many parts of the story just didn't have to be there at all.

The ending is lame. That's the story with most comedies so it wasn't a big surprise.

I still loved watching this movie. That 80's, 90's comedy just doesn't happen anymore. Some of the set ups in this were priceless. I just couldn't believe it. Instead of one liners like most comedies this was an amazing example of what I shall dub the build. It started and you were giggling but then some thing more happen and you were laughing but then it would keep expanding on it until you are slapping your knee and spitting water all over the living room.


Oh, and did I mention Tom Hanks?


The Devil Came on Horseback (4.5)

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A documentary about the genocide in Darfur, Sudan told by a military observer who was stationed there for several months.

You cannot hold anything back when you decide to discuss and prove genocide, so be warned that this movie is not for the light of heart. That being said, and I know I say this every time I watch a good documentary about world changing situations, you should all watch this film.

Yes, you see people who have died. Yes, you see houses burned and children crying and women and men who have been injured. You see more than anyone wants to see in their lifetime in under 2 hours, but that is exactly the reason why you need to watch it. You need to get shaken up, you need to realize what has happened and therefore the next time some one starts talking about the subject you can become a part of the conversation and tell more people about it.

I know this was made in 2007 but honestly, it's not like it isn't still happening. There, some where else, it's always going on. This is equally as important and terrible as Rwanda but for some reason was easier to sweep under the rug and move on.

The information and evidence was clear. I hate to say that the documentary was great because it was horrible to watch but now I know things I never knew before and will never forget. That is why it was great and that is why I will suggest to everyone to see it. As you watch you ask questions, some of which are answered, but some are not and it's always important to leave this kind of documentary with more questions than when you started watching it.

I thought that Brain, the military observer, was passionate and went into Darfur just as innocently as I was going into the movie he created. By the end of it, we had both changed.


Unknown (4)

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A doctor gets in a car accident and ends up in a coma. When he wakes up four days later he doesn't really remember who he is but he knows he is in Berlin with his wife. He tracks her down but upon finding her she seems to have never met him before. In fact, no one seems to know who he is at all. Now he must try to piece it all back together and find out if is he who he claims he is or if he is insane like everyone tells him he is.

I would never mess with Liam Neeson. Even though he is acting in this movies, after having seen Taken,The A-Team and now this film, I feel as though he is still a deadly weapon. He is so good at playing the bad ass. Well, more like a sensitive bad ass. I've always been a fan of his though and this film is no acception. He rocks! Triple high fives for Liam!

It was great seeing Diane Kruger, I wasn't sure if I'd be seeing her again or not after her role in Inglorious Basterds. She was good, she wasn't really in the movie that much but she did a decent job along side Liam.

The action in this is pretty straight forward. You have your car chase (although it's nothing special) and the gun scene and hand-to-hand combat. The thing that makes it better is watching Liam Neeson kick butt. There were a few times with the hand-to-hand that was far too shaky and turny for me. I understand doing that technique with crazy fights but when it's man to man with fists you should really spend some time and money on making it seem real.

Best thing besides Liam: the plot twist. I did not see that coming. I really had no idea that it was going to turn out like that at all. I love it when an action movie can have a somewhat impressive story line. I mean, the over-all plot has been done a million times over but the initial climax and follow through was well done.

If you like action you'll dig this flick. Also, come on, who doesn't want to see people get punched in the face by Liam Neeson?!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love and Other Drugs (3.5)

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A sales rep. for a pharmaceutical company that sells the newly developed Viagra drug meets a fiery, independent woman who turns out to have Parkinson's disease. Neither of them are looking for anything serious and enjoy a good one night stand. You never know what someone means to you until they're gone.

You'd think that a movie about Viagra would have more sweaty sex scenes in it...or, was actually really about the drug at all. This is not a movie about Viagra. In fact, it's barely even talked about. Suddenly the main character is rich over night and has a nicer suit. That's about it...

I love Jake Gyllenhaal. I'd wear a t-shirt with his face on it, no lies. I liked him equally in Donnie Darko than I did in Bubble Boy, Brokeback Mountain, Prince of Persia and Brothers. Basically, as you can tell, I like watching him on screen and I always have. I think he is a very versatile actor and can play just about anything. This character was really good for him. He hasn't done a lot of straight forward love stories and it was nice seeing him in this genre. I feel like anytime I rolled my eyes at him was actually at his character and a stupid line he said. There were a few moments like that, when the script made me frown a bit. All in all, high five Jake!

I've also always enjoyed Anne Hathaway. I thought her performance in this was amazing. She gave just a little but more than I have seen her do in the past. Maybe it's because she was more in the lime light in this film or maybe her character appealed to me...regardless, she did a fantastic job. Especially the scenes when her Parkinson's is intense. It was great to see her team up with Jake again, especially after their scenes in Brokeback Mountain were scarce. I thought they made a great on screen couple.

I liked this movie. Their were some great parts and some not-so-great parts. More of the great though, so that's a plus. Actually, I found myself bursting out loud with uncontrolled laughter more than I thought I would have. It's generally a pretty funny movie - some great one liners.

Honestly though the script was missing something and therefore it seemed like the film was missing something. Not sure how I feel about the end except that it was a more intense ending/message than I'm use to with romancy type films. The first half of this movie was amazing and then it slowed almost to a stop and there were too many montages and were still shots of concerned faces that I lost interest. Suddenly, bam, action...and then the end. Meh. Can't win 'em all I guess.

Over all way better and totally different than I thought it would be. Decent story, good characters and a bonus surprise of Oliver Platt, who everyone should know and love. Oh, ya, lotsa bum and boob too. Win.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eat Pray Love (4)

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Finally got around to watching this movie.

I am not really a Julie Roberts fan, which I think most people can relate to. I know this will be rude but I just have to say it: I cannot help but stare at the vein in her forehead. I'm sorry, but it's really distracting. That isn't the reason for my dislike of her, not at all, I just needed to get that off my chest seeing how I've been looking at it for the last 2 hours.

Okay. Now that I've said that. She wasn't awful in this movie but the movie itself didn't really need any life changing acting. At least I didn't think so.

James Franco's character was weird, but I still love him. Not sure how I feel about him and Julia. Sadly, it's forgettable. There just wasn't enough time spent on them.

Javier Bardem, ohhh yes. I love him. I've liked him ever since I first saw him in Before Night Falls which is a fantastic film. I am one of those few woman who don't find him drop dead sexy but I really respect his acting. He is so, so, so talented and I love that he is making more and more movies. I really want to see where his career is going. Anywho, once again there wasn't enough of him to really allow me to comment too much on his performance but I liked him.

Ultimately, I am inspired. This movie was not at all what I was expecting. I was thinking it was some love story about a broken women looking for herself in the world. It had that, yes, but in the end it was really the story about how someone decided to continue on and live. Now I understand why everyone ate this book up and how everyone said that it changed their perspective and inspired them. It really is such a raw, pure inspirational story. No matter who you are or where you are in your life you will find something to relate to.

The movie itself is good. The story was so good that I didn't pay that much attention to the acting. Just being honest. Seeing Italy, India and Bali was better than trying to decipher how amazing (or not) Julia Roberts was in any given scene. I think that says something about this movie. There wasn't really any breakthrough moments in terms of any ones performance but together they built the story up and moved it along.

I really like it. It inspired me, I felt a little change in me by the time the credits rolled. That's always such a great feeling. Ultimately it made me want to travel even more than I did already but it also made me just feel good about me. Which is awesome. I wonder why it did so poorly in the box office and with critics. Who knows...I feel like if I had read the book that I would've hated the movie (at least that's the impression I get when reading other reviews).

Not really a chick flick but definitely had its moments. No big complaints. It's hard though trying to make a book into a movie - I could tell that they had to leave a lot of stuff out. I guess now I'll have to read the book to find out.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unstoppable (3)

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A train with no breaks and no driver is on a collision course with other trains, cars, towns and cities. Every minute the train moves closer to more populated areas while it carries severely dangerous/explosive cargo. Two men decide to risk their lives in order to stop utter chaos. It's no longer a train - it's a bomb, and it's heading right into town.

This movie is okay. It's not what I wanted it to be and it really could have been the end.

They tried to make it really exciting by changing shots a lot and doing shaky-camera action with random quick/ultra zooms which after the first few times of it happening I just got annoyed by it. I understand; it takes a lot to make a "runaway train" seem to be actually dangerous when...well, it can't really stray all to far. In the end, it's on a track. I know there was all this dangerous stuff on it but they only mentioned it a few times then went and spent more time trying to add to this love story and kept throwing more family shots into the mix. I get it, we needed to feel connected to the characters. The thing is, I already did before I heard a quickie monologue about restraining orders and distant daughters. They either had to of spent more time on all of that or none at all. It just made the story jump too much which made it seem sloppy.

Regardless of my jokes about how a train chase is less than impressive, I still watched the whole thing and found myself really into it at certain parts. The ending was silly though. I thought of that idea right away and wondered the entire time why they weren't doing it. Then them coming in and just, bam, that's that...lame. It made it seem like everyone was just stupid and didn't think of the simplest solution until they screwed everything else up. And the big "climax" knew it couldn't have gone down like that, you just know, right from the beginning.

I love Chris Pine. Denzel Washington definitely made me like him a little bit more again which is always good seeing how I use to be the giant Denzel fan up until a few years ago when he started sucking. You can't really blame them for anything, they were both great. The story didn't have enough of them in it to really allow me to comment on any one performance. In hind sight, if they had, the movie probably would've been better. Just saying.

The ending put a sour, dirty taste in my mouth. Lame.

If you like trains, you'll love it. I learned a bit about trains but mostly what not to do with trains. That's a plus. The story is kind of lame and messy at times but in the end it's entertaining, fast paced and keeps you interested. Still, for a movie about a train, it was good. Just not as good as I thought or wanted it to be.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter's Bone (4)

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A 17 year old girl is left to take care of her two younger siblings when her daddy goes missing and her mom is too sick to help out. One day the law comes knocking on her door and it's up to Ree to find the father that left her behind and bring him in or face becoming homeless with the only thing worth living for: her brother and sister.

There is a reason why this movie won Best Movie and Best Screenplay at Sundance last year and why it is up for a few Oscars this year. This is a solid drama/mystery. There's isn't much I would've changed and where the story takes you isn't where you thought it would (or guessed it would) which means the screenplay was something applause worthy.

In the end it is more of a drama than a mystery. It has a dramas pace, meaning don't sit around and wait for an epic gun battle or lots of blood or any of that kind of thing. It is a story, it's about the characters and the depth of both. That being said it is anything but boring. I myself got caught up in the mystery part of the story and was hoping the ending would have more bang and because of that I found myself a little let down until I realized how involved I was in the story.

What this girl goes through is terrible. I know people live like that but it was still crazy to see. Best part about this whole thing was John Hawke's who plays the main character Ree's uncle (played by Jennifer Lawrence who you can see in the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie). I had seen John before in the television series Lost and a few times in other movies like Wristcutters: A Love Story. Not sure why, seeing how his character didn't say much, but I couldn't take my eyes off him when he was in a scene. Something magnetic there, with his character, that I felt the entire film. Love when that happens.

This is a harsh story that seems more true than you ever wanted it to be. A broken family who is forced into a rough lifestyle and abandoned by the only people you were born to trust: your family and the law.

Solid flick. If you're a drama lover you will love it. If you're looking for something with depth and some great characters you should definitely check this movie out.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (4)

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This is my favourite animation movie since How to Train Your Dragon.

Soren, a young owl dreams of the mythical Guardians and the owls of Ga'Hoole. One day him and his brother are kidnapped by evil owls called the Pure Ones who are planning to destroy the Guardians. Soren escapes and goes on an epic journey to find the Guardians and to stop the evil owl army.

Oh man, do I ever love a good adventure! This movie was so much fun. The story was amazing, I mean, who doesn't love a good legend or myth to get the imagination and excitement bubbling. I liked the owl characters a lot too, they each had their own little traits.

I really liked this story. It felt like an epic tale. What shocked me the most in all the right ways were the fight scenes. The slow-mo flying, fighting, etcetera was mind blowing. It's a beautiful movie, the graphics are out of this world. I think I even had a few Wow's out loud to myself. Really good. I couldn't help but smile when Soren really learns how to fly...when you can become connected to an animated owl, that's a good film.

Amazing. Great family flick but also good as an entertaining and just plan cool movie for us adult type.

Highly suggest it. I wished I had seen it in the theatres though.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Never Let Me Go (2.5)

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Kathy, Tommy and Ruth grew up in a proper English school without really knowing what their futures had in store. When a love triangle begins to form and their lives begin to take shape the truth of who and what they are becomes reality.

The whole idea for this film intrigues me. I love ideas like this. The whole clones/donor/does everything have a soul thing always interests me because no matter if you believe in it or not, it makes you stop and think about things that you don't normally pay attention to. Mind you, this film was more drama rather than sci-fi which is where the majority of these types of movies end up. It wasn't spacey or even all the futuristic, if anything it seemed to be a bit dated. I liked that they did that though. They made it seem like this has already happened and is still happening as we speak. Makes you realize that we aren't really that far away from a sad reality like the one shown in this movie.

In the end though they made it too much about the characters and not enough about the story. The strength was in the story that was about people and shouldn't have been the other way around. It didn't work that way, it ended up dragging on and on and on and never really hit any sort of climax at all. When what seemed like the climax did happen it immediately went back to the same tone and feel as before the 'climax' and then just ended. No big surprises. No ultimate twist or turn or shocking scene. No mind blowing changes or performances. It was just...meh. Really meh. Which sucks because it could have been so much better.

I am a big Carey Mulligan fan and she was good in this movie but every one's performance, not just hers, was so masked by the lack of anything else that it didn't really matter if their acting was good or not. That wasn't he fault at all thought so I still love her just as much as I did in An Education and even her small part in Brothers.

I've never liked Keira Knightley. The closest I came to liking her was in Pride and Prejudice and even then it wasn't because of her that the movie was so amazing for me. In this film she was her usual less than impressive self. She just hasn't shown me any depth in her characters and therefore has yet to really draw and hold my attention at all. Which sucks because she is a part of a lot of amazing films and I respect that about her but other than that I just do not like her. I want to though and am still waiting for her to prove me wrong...

Andrew Garfield had a weird little character but like I said before no ones performance really stood out to me. I know he is awesome, especially after his performance in The Social Network.

This movie was boring and nothing ever really happens. The idea is amazing though and I liked the over all concept but other than that nothing really did anything for me.


Freakonomics (2)

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"Some of the world's most innovative documentary filmmakers will explore the hidden side of everything." (imdb)

Well, they got one thing right about that summary; they tried to look at the hidden side of everything. Yet, in doing so, they didn't spend enough time on one subject to make a solid enough point or to keep the viewer aka me interested enough for long periods of time. By long I mean more than one sequence of thoughts/ideas/shots which left me uninterested before the documentary was even close to half way through.

I loved the way it started. It began by discussing names and whether someones name really makes that person who they are. If there is as much power in a name than we believe there to be. They included some amazing and true case scenarios that I found interesting and I thought the film was off to a solid start. Then, quickly, it became very boring. They got stuck on the next point and began over explaining themselves on a topic that could have been discussed in 10 minutes yet went on for what seemed like an hour or more. After that point my friends and I started talking on our own about things and weren't paying very close attention to the movie. When we realized we weren't and tried to pay attention again we would but very shortly after found ourselves back to discussing on our own.

If anything that is what this documentary was about for me - it allowed me and the people I was with the have a basis for some amazing points of discussion. Other than that, as an 'innovative' film it was really just boring for me. The points were interesting but the specifics that they decided to pay close attention to were not always what I wanted to see or cared of hearing about with any sort of depth.

Great idea. Great concepts, very neat idea...just wasn't as good as it could have been and ultimately paved the way to better and more interesting conversations relating to the documentary instead of about the film itself.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Secret in Their Eyes (4.5)

(Watch the Trailer)

Original title: El secreto de sus ojos, a 2009 Argentina film by Juan José Campanella.

A retired man begins writing a novel about a case he worked on 25 years earlier when employed as a legal counselor. Bringing up the past is rarely a good idea, unless in doing so it reveals the truth not only to you but for someone else.

Another film that has been on my "to watch" list for some time. I couldn't find a copy with subtitles but luckily Netflix delivers once again.

My brain is a little bit exhausted right now because it was such a full story. It was raw and real and definitely hit home several times. I find it a little funny that the main character is writing a novel and that's exactly what I feel like I just finished; a novel. Not a film. I have the same intense brain overload and pure satisfaction like you get when you read that last sentence on the last page of a book. Fantastic.

Everything about this movie is amazing. Not only is the ending amazing, but there were so many intermittent climaxes that left you no choice but to be completely sucked into the story. You will especially love this movie if you like crime/mystery/detective type films. It was really well done, the writing alone is amazing.

Such a solid movie. I don't even know what else to say because it was just over all good. The acting, directing, script, music, everything...fantastic. I could see how people would start to lose interest after about half way through when their is what seems like the climax but it's not and then the story slows a bit. Only for about 15 minutes though, but it needed to happen or else you would explode. The ending was great, I didn't see the very ending coming until the very end. I knew other parts were going to happen and then bam, something new was added in on top of it and I was sucked right back in.

Solid film. Enough layers to keep you guessing with enough twists to keep you on your toes. One of the best of this genre I have seen in some time.


Inglorius Basterds (5)

Quentin Tarantino has done it again. He has created a film that will rock you to the very core. A magnificent story, beyond fantastic directing and performance, scenes that will be burned into your memory forever and humour that will make you burst out laughing.

This is one of my easy top ten movies from 2009. I remember the first time I watched it in the theatres, and I couldn't talk after the movie. I was that rocked by it. I didn't want to ruin the utter high that I was on as the credits started to roll. I believe my only vocabulary for about an hour after watching it consisted of mostly swear words and random noises of exclamation.

It's a movie about war but it's not a war movie. It's about one group of people and the characters that have to do with that group during the second world war. It's epic, that's all you really need to know.

Brad Pitt was impossibly fantastic in this role. He made this movie. I mean, everyone was bringing their A game, but Pitt nailed it. I mean, I can't even put it into words. His physically and how he made his character talk...his delivery of every single line was perfect. Yes, Tarantino had a lot to do with that as well, but really, an actor can only have so much directing before it's all up to them. And man oh man, did he ever punch this movie in the face. I wanted to (and I'm sorry for this) hump Brad Pitts leg after seeing him in this movie. I loved him that much. Brilliant. I mean, someone that can go from fantastic movies like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to Fight Club and them still impress you even more...awesome. I could keep going but I'll stop.

Most surprising, next to Pitt, was Christoph Waltz. Where the hell did this guy come from?! He was amazing. Like, the first scene. I think my mouth was left hanging open from that point on because of him. Perfection, he was perfect as this character.

The whole film is beyond believable. I really have no complaints at all. I mean, some of the scenes seemed a little long at points, but it was all to build the story and the characters for one of the best finalise I have ever seen. It's classic Tarantino cinema. Builds and builds and just when you think it can't get better it does and then you can't move for about 30 minutes after it hits. Brilliant.

Action. Comedy. Drama. Tears. Blood. Perfection.

Must see film. Must, must see. Trust me.

I'll stop now.


Extraordinary Measures (3)

(Watch the Trailer)

A man and his family contact a researcher to try and find a cure for their two children's rare genetic disease.

I love Harrison Ford. I have never not liked Harrison Ford. Even in movies that are not so great, they are great because of Harrison Ford. So, naturally I am inclined to like this film due to the fact that he plays the researcher and, well, Harrison Ford. Did I mention Harrison Ford?

I also, and don't ask me why because I don't know, but I like Brendan Fraser too. Still. I know, I know. His movie choices are nothing but head shake worthy...but I just can't help it. I liked him in Inkheart and I like him now. Even though I can see him over acting or just not acting at all I can't help but watch him.

They worked pretty well together too. The general story is inspirational and well done but in the end it was a pretty average film. Nothing really overly impressive yet still an enjoyable movie. I found the core plot to be very interesting because I knew nothing about the disease that they were talking about.

If you're looking for something with a bit of depth but nothing too crazy this is a solid choice. Also, if you're one of those inspirational story lovers you will most likely like it too.


Babies (4.5)

(Watch the Trailer)

A 2010 documentary by Thomas Balmès following the lives of 4 babies from different parts of the world during their first precious year.

I always love documentaries, there are some bad ones out there but even the bad ones teach you or show you something that you have never seen or heard before. I think more people should watch more documentaries, it's an amazing genre. That being said, when I first heard they were making this movie I rolled my eyes. Of course you will make money on a movie about babies, everyone is helpless against babies. I personally am not one of those females that gets all gooey and feel my ovaries tingle at the sight of a baby. I like babies, they are cute and hilarious, but I don't really get emotional over them.

So, a few people told me I should watch this and it was on last night so I thought I'd give it a shot. And I actually really enjoyed watching it. I watched it with my parents who liked it as well. Actually, I think my dad liked it even better than my mom and I did. It was funny, cute, interesting and eye opening.

The babies were awesome but seeing their different lives and how they learn and grow was better than their cuteness (even though they were pretty darn cute). Seeing how people in Mongolia, Namibia, San Francisco and Tokyo raise their children was very interesting. It put into stronger perspective Western societies unnecessary obsession with safety and the best and most they can give their child but how it doesn't matter. A child that grows up without clothes, covered in flies is just as happy and grows up just as well as a baby that was everything. Very interesting and perfectly portrayed in this documentary.

I thought it was interesting and fun. Really easy to watch and just over all a really well done documentary. I highly suggest it.


Irreversible (4)

(Watch the trailer)

2002 French drama/crime/in my opinion horror film by Gaspar Noé.

One night in Paris begins in reverse-chronological order back to the beginnings of this traumatic tale about one women and many decisions that out her face to face with the worst nightmare you cannot even imagine.

This is one of the most traumatic films I have ever seen. I am usually that one who laughs during horror films or eats spaghetti during the slasher type movies...because it's not really real. I look at it as effects...

This movie was not like that. At all. Oh my God, I wish it were. I felt actually nauseous by the time this movie was over. The whole thing is like one long anxiety attack. At points I had to close my eyes but at the same time couldn't look away, which is weird and twisted, but it's so awful that you cannot help but watch.

I know that sounds weird but, as soon as I heard about this movie over a year ago I knew I had to watch it. My film friend explained it to me something like this: it would be the worst movie I would ever watch, I would have nightmares, it's so real that you will feel sick and will never forget it. It's the most realistic rape scene in any movie ever.

...of course, stupid me had to see what she meant.

She was right.

At first I was distracted by the way Gaspar Noé used the camera. There was a lot of spinning and things out of focus and just colours and odd close ups that made my head hurt. Now, having watched it, that was brilliant. It's annoying until you realize how emotionally invested you are within the first 10 and the film are one and the same. You are along for the ride and you don't really have a choice. It's spinning and everywhere but the closer it gets to the climax, the more stationary it becomes and finally, in one continuous scene, the rape scene, takes place. Never once does the camera stop or move...just, bam. Then it starts spinning again. Brilliant. Brilliant.

All and every performance was beyond amazing. Especially the woman who played Alex, Monica Bellucci. How she did that...oh man. Vincent Cassel who played her boyfriend Marcus I have always liked when I saw him. He was fantastic in Black Swan and in Eastern Promises.

Like I said, this is a very real film. Almost too real. The rape scene is a rape scene. They don't hold back...this movie will change you. You will never forget it. It is, in a weird round about way, one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Caution, but if you can handle it, watch it.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Prophet (4.5)

(Watch the trailer)

A young man is sent to a French prison. He starts out as less than a nobody, but when circumstance and fate met there is no turning back. He is thrown into the mafia scene and becomes a true criminal. Is it all just a part of a bigger plan?

I had been hunting for this movie for what seems like a year now. A 2009 French film, it was hard to find it with subtitles or even at all, but once again Netflix has delivered. Hurray!

This movie, and I know I have been saying this about a lot of movies recently, but it was worth the wait. It had been on my "to watch" list for so long that I sort of forgot what it was all about but that didn't matter at all. The story is told with such depth and the characters are viewed so naturally and so fully that you will be easily sucked in and would soon realize that one trailer does not do this movie justice.

The story. Oh my. You know how you read a book and you feel so engulfed with the whole story because it feels like you get the story from all sides and get all sort of hints and inside dialogue and the setting is described in a way that a picture cannot do justice. Well, this movie was one of those type of stories. Yes, the film is longer than most running at about 2h 30m, but trust me when I say that you wont noticed. If you do, it's because just when you think the story can't go deeper and the character can't adapt and grow more, it does. He does. Everything does. And then a whole new story emerges. Fantastic.

Acting was amazing. Tahar Rahim who played Malik (the main character) was amazing. I felt like I watched him grow over the course of the film. I love when that happens. I mean, when you see his face within the first 10 minutes and then again during the last shot...totally different people. Fantastic!

This is not a shot 'er up action/mafia/gang film. Yes, there are some intense scenes with blood and guns, but nothing that would warrant it being dubbed a mafia film. It definitely has more of a drama feel to it, especially with the story and characters and how they are portrayed.

I have seen a few prison movies and while those show me some extremes I feel like this movie, which about 80% of it takes place in a prison, was far more realistic and honest than most movies that attempt the prison story. I think the characters had a lot to do with that.

So, if you can't tell, this movie was awesome. It wont necessarily change your life per say, but it is a really solid piece of cinema.

And the ending, very nice. I liked that a lot.


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