Monday, February 28, 2011

Cars (4)

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A rookie race car is one race away from fame, money and glory. On his way to his final race he falls off his truck and gets lost on Route 66 in a middle-of-nowhere rundown town. Here he finds what he was always looking for; friends and family.

What, how is this movie already 5 years old?! Where have I been? I am sad that it took me this long to see this amazing kids movie because now I understand all the hype and lunch boxes and light up shoes...

Pixar did it again; it's a great movie. In terms of kids movies, this is ultimate. I mean, to me it's no Toy Story 3 or How to Train Your Dragon but that's because I'm not into cars and especially not into NASCAR. That being said, I still highly enjoyed this movie. I was surprised how much I did considering everyone is a car, even the flies are cars (that was really awesome by the way).

I loved all the wacky and lovable characters. I liked that it was more of a drama than a comedy but still had hilarious parts. I was also surprised at how into the enire movie I was. When he was racing I was twitching my foot and was really into the movie. You really start to see the cars as characters and more like people than metal.

For kids I'm sure this would be really fun and if I was entertained I'm sure they will be too. It was a nice late night film to entertain me and hold my attention.

Best for me was the bonus at the end during the credits. Keep that in mind. That made me laugh for a long time!

Very well done. If I liked cars/NASCAR I would give it a 5.


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