Monday, February 21, 2011

The Devil Came on Horseback (4.5)

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A documentary about the genocide in Darfur, Sudan told by a military observer who was stationed there for several months.

You cannot hold anything back when you decide to discuss and prove genocide, so be warned that this movie is not for the light of heart. That being said, and I know I say this every time I watch a good documentary about world changing situations, you should all watch this film.

Yes, you see people who have died. Yes, you see houses burned and children crying and women and men who have been injured. You see more than anyone wants to see in their lifetime in under 2 hours, but that is exactly the reason why you need to watch it. You need to get shaken up, you need to realize what has happened and therefore the next time some one starts talking about the subject you can become a part of the conversation and tell more people about it.

I know this was made in 2007 but honestly, it's not like it isn't still happening. There, some where else, it's always going on. This is equally as important and terrible as Rwanda but for some reason was easier to sweep under the rug and move on.

The information and evidence was clear. I hate to say that the documentary was great because it was horrible to watch but now I know things I never knew before and will never forget. That is why it was great and that is why I will suggest to everyone to see it. As you watch you ask questions, some of which are answered, but some are not and it's always important to leave this kind of documentary with more questions than when you started watching it.

I thought that Brain, the military observer, was passionate and went into Darfur just as innocently as I was going into the movie he created. By the end of it, we had both changed.


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