Monday, February 28, 2011

Dragonheart (3)

(Watch the Trailer)

The king dies in battle and his son is mortally wounded. The queen brings her son to a secret place where a dragon performs the ultimate sacrifice and gives him new life. The prince was not the innocent, kind boy he seemed and he quickly turns evil. The knight who helped him now blames the dragon for the dark change and, once banished by the new king, becomes a dragon slayer hunting for the creature that ruined everything. When he finds him he is the last dragon alive and holds the true secret that will end the king's evil reign once and for all.

This action/adventure film from 1996 was all the rage when it first came out. I remember watching it all the time when I was a kid and I got teary eyed by the end every single time. Blame a lazy Sunday or maybe my obsession with re-watching old classics at the moment, but whatever the reason I went back and watched this old classic...

Once thing is immediately clear: this movie was way better when you're a kid. Now that I'm older and smarter, and can't just trust the imagination or others or accept the beauty that is suspended disbelief, this movie is ruined for me. I still loved watching it, mostly for the comedic factor and saying "Hey, it's What's His Name!" every 15 seconds (because everyone is in this movie). Also, who doesn't love Sean Connery and dragons. What's better than both those things?

When they are MERGED INTO ONE! *gasp*

Really though, no one has a bad ass dragon voice like the big C. He made this movie. Wicked. Also, the dragon seems to be a better actor than about 75% of the cast. Just sayin'.

Dennis Quaid, oh Dennis. You are pretty brutal in this movie. He did the fun and quirk but nothing else. He did have a ridiculous amount of belts on though, he had that going for him.

This was the perfect lazy Sunday movie. It was nice to sit back and enjoy a good 90's flick. You cannot take this movie remotely seriously if you're older than, well, maybe 8? Maybe younger? Still great to go back and watch it again.

Sean Connery and dragons. I mean, you can't really lose, can you?



  1. I remember that movie!! It was great when it first came out! It is a little cheesy but sometimes that's just what's needed. I love the music at the end! I might have to go watch that now...thanks lady! =]

  2. Ya, the song is unforgettable for sure! I know what you mean by cheesy but what you need, thats the reason I watched it too! lol Enjoy!


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