Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Freakonomics (2)

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"Some of the world's most innovative documentary filmmakers will explore the hidden side of everything." (imdb)

Well, they got one thing right about that summary; they tried to look at the hidden side of everything. Yet, in doing so, they didn't spend enough time on one subject to make a solid enough point or to keep the viewer aka me interested enough for long periods of time. By long I mean more than one sequence of thoughts/ideas/shots which left me uninterested before the documentary was even close to half way through.

I loved the way it started. It began by discussing names and whether someones name really makes that person who they are. If there is as much power in a name than we believe there to be. They included some amazing and true case scenarios that I found interesting and I thought the film was off to a solid start. Then, quickly, it became very boring. They got stuck on the next point and began over explaining themselves on a topic that could have been discussed in 10 minutes yet went on for what seemed like an hour or more. After that point my friends and I started talking on our own about things and weren't paying very close attention to the movie. When we realized we weren't and tried to pay attention again we would but very shortly after found ourselves back to discussing on our own.

If anything that is what this documentary was about for me - it allowed me and the people I was with the have a basis for some amazing points of discussion. Other than that, as an 'innovative' film it was really just boring for me. The points were interesting but the specifics that they decided to pay close attention to were not always what I wanted to see or cared of hearing about with any sort of depth.

Great idea. Great concepts, very neat idea...just wasn't as good as it could have been and ultimately paved the way to better and more interesting conversations relating to the documentary instead of about the film itself.


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