Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Am Number Four (4)

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This movie really heightened my nerd senses. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the action was awesome.

While the acting wasn't overly amazing I thought Alex Pettyfer played the character well. He is suppose to be a moody teenager after all, so you can't hold that against him; teenagers are annoying and lame. I thought he handled the action well and when he smiled, I grinned. Couldn't help it. Just something about him...

Best thing was when I saw Timothy Olyphant for the first time. I had no idea he was in this movie and I like seeing him on screen, although it's been awhile since I have seen him (last time was The Crazies). I thought he played the "watcher" part well...I did want to see him in action more though.

Diana Argon, who is apparently from Glee (no idea, don't watch that show), was hardly note worthy. I know, she is young and is playing someone young but I was so tired of her sexy eyes/innocent smirk/perfect face after the first 10 minutes. I just...I have nothing more to say about that.

The action was awesome. The big fight scene at the end was amazing. Seeing him learn his powers was really cool and I liked the whole idea/look of it all. I didn't find the scary bad guys that scary or really that bad...they had cool guns though (and baggy pants).

I was 100% absorbed in this film for the majority of it. The only time I was shocked back into reality was during any silly puppy love shots or the classic high school scene. They had to show it though, it's part of it, but I really hate high school(s) in movies. Always so lame...just like in real life.

The one thing that bugged me - and I can't get over it - was the fact that the popular guys at school and in the end the entire town disapprove of Alex's character but when the bad guys come and things go down they all seem to leave him alone and just accept it all. That would not happen in real life and I feel like there were a good 2-5 chapters of the book just left out which was kind of lame. I guess if they had put in the "wrap up" scenes then it would have just dragged on but I still feel like I needed some cap on the situation.

Characters were good. I forgive all the forgettable sideline performances...there weren't a lot of palm-to-forehead one liners which was a nice surprise. Alex did a great job and the effects/action were really cool to see. Definitely worth seeing it on the big screen so you really experience it all (IMAX is most likely not necessary).

I'm excited to see where they will take this. Teresa Palmer who played Number 6 kicked some serious butt and I want to see more of her character and the story has so much potential. Guess I should go read the books, but I kind of want to watch the movie again. Right now.


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