Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Never Let Me Go (2.5)

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Kathy, Tommy and Ruth grew up in a proper English school without really knowing what their futures had in store. When a love triangle begins to form and their lives begin to take shape the truth of who and what they are becomes reality.

The whole idea for this film intrigues me. I love ideas like this. The whole clones/donor/does everything have a soul thing always interests me because no matter if you believe in it or not, it makes you stop and think about things that you don't normally pay attention to. Mind you, this film was more drama rather than sci-fi which is where the majority of these types of movies end up. It wasn't spacey or even all the futuristic, if anything it seemed to be a bit dated. I liked that they did that though. They made it seem like this has already happened and is still happening as we speak. Makes you realize that we aren't really that far away from a sad reality like the one shown in this movie.

In the end though they made it too much about the characters and not enough about the story. The strength was in the story that was about people and shouldn't have been the other way around. It didn't work that way, it ended up dragging on and on and on and never really hit any sort of climax at all. When what seemed like the climax did happen it immediately went back to the same tone and feel as before the 'climax' and then just ended. No big surprises. No ultimate twist or turn or shocking scene. No mind blowing changes or performances. It was just...meh. Really meh. Which sucks because it could have been so much better.

I am a big Carey Mulligan fan and she was good in this movie but every one's performance, not just hers, was so masked by the lack of anything else that it didn't really matter if their acting was good or not. That wasn't he fault at all thought so I still love her just as much as I did in An Education and even her small part in Brothers.

I've never liked Keira Knightley. The closest I came to liking her was in Pride and Prejudice and even then it wasn't because of her that the movie was so amazing for me. In this film she was her usual less than impressive self. She just hasn't shown me any depth in her characters and therefore has yet to really draw and hold my attention at all. Which sucks because she is a part of a lot of amazing films and I respect that about her but other than that I just do not like her. I want to though and am still waiting for her to prove me wrong...

Andrew Garfield had a weird little character but like I said before no ones performance really stood out to me. I know he is awesome, especially after his performance in The Social Network.

This movie was boring and nothing ever really happens. The idea is amazing though and I liked the over all concept but other than that nothing really did anything for me.


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