Monday, February 28, 2011

TRON (3.5)

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The original 1982 version.

The story starting with the initial development of "the grid" and Flynn's attempt to take back what was his, but he has no idea how far his creation has come with the help of the one who is the blame for his current demise into the arcade business. Flynn is tossed into the world he helped create only to have it try to destroy him. Can he bring freedom to this world and bring it back to the real world?

If you liked the new Tron: Legacy movie you will love this one just as much. I sure did. I thought it was a really fun movie and helped tie up some lose ends and big questions that I had after watching the new film. A lot of the main characters are also in the new one, something that I had no idea of until I went back to watch the original. There were a few jokes in the new movie that I would not have appreciated either if I had never seen this movie. So, so glad I watched it. I really loved it. Just as amazing as the new one.

This was truly ground breaking effects for the early 80's. Remember computers back then? The ones with green letters on a black screen? And then some how genius people went in and created this beautiful world. It's far more impressive than the new one could've ever hoped to be. Yes, it's not as shiny or clean as the new one but if you allow yourself to really understand that it was made in 1982 I think you will be just as blown away as I was. I had no idea that they could even do that stuff back then. Craziness. Really cool. Also, it adds that extra layer of this other world because it looks a little bit more weird and rough. Still, really cool. Love the world they created.

Jeff Bridges...I just wanted to hug him and pinch his cheeks in this movie! He was so cute and so cool. Wacky as hell, but cool. I would've loved to party with Flynn! I haven't seen a lot of the old Jeff Bridges flicks so this was a nice treat. I just can't get over it, especially when I sit and compare him then to him now in films like True Grit. He really has come a long way and I'm so glad that he stuck around.

This movie is pretty sci-fi and nerdy but if you dig that stuff this is a classic film that you cannot pass up. Not that you shouldn't, but that you can't. It really was the foundation for so many films and sky rocketed the whole computer/robot world movies. There was some computer lingo that I just couldn't follow at all but it didn't stop me from being able to follow the movie.

I loved it. I think I may have to buy it when I see it next. Once again, if you liked the new one, you will dig this. It's a bit slower and totally 80's in every way but it's still a great film.


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