Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unstoppable (3)

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A train with no breaks and no driver is on a collision course with other trains, cars, towns and cities. Every minute the train moves closer to more populated areas while it carries severely dangerous/explosive cargo. Two men decide to risk their lives in order to stop utter chaos. It's no longer a train - it's a bomb, and it's heading right into town.

This movie is okay. It's not what I wanted it to be and it really could have been the end.

They tried to make it really exciting by changing shots a lot and doing shaky-camera action with random quick/ultra zooms which after the first few times of it happening I just got annoyed by it. I understand; it takes a lot to make a "runaway train" seem to be actually dangerous when...well, it can't really stray all to far. In the end, it's on a track. I know there was all this dangerous stuff on it but they only mentioned it a few times then went and spent more time trying to add to this love story and kept throwing more family shots into the mix. I get it, we needed to feel connected to the characters. The thing is, I already did before I heard a quickie monologue about restraining orders and distant daughters. They either had to of spent more time on all of that or none at all. It just made the story jump too much which made it seem sloppy.

Regardless of my jokes about how a train chase is less than impressive, I still watched the whole thing and found myself really into it at certain parts. The ending was silly though. I thought of that idea right away and wondered the entire time why they weren't doing it. Then them coming in and just, bam, that's that...lame. It made it seem like everyone was just stupid and didn't think of the simplest solution until they screwed everything else up. And the big "climax" knew it couldn't have gone down like that, you just know, right from the beginning.

I love Chris Pine. Denzel Washington definitely made me like him a little bit more again which is always good seeing how I use to be the giant Denzel fan up until a few years ago when he started sucking. You can't really blame them for anything, they were both great. The story didn't have enough of them in it to really allow me to comment on any one performance. In hind sight, if they had, the movie probably would've been better. Just saying.

The ending put a sour, dirty taste in my mouth. Lame.

If you like trains, you'll love it. I learned a bit about trains but mostly what not to do with trains. That's a plus. The story is kind of lame and messy at times but in the end it's entertaining, fast paced and keeps you interested. Still, for a movie about a train, it was good. Just not as good as I thought or wanted it to be.


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