Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter's Bone (4)

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A 17 year old girl is left to take care of her two younger siblings when her daddy goes missing and her mom is too sick to help out. One day the law comes knocking on her door and it's up to Ree to find the father that left her behind and bring him in or face becoming homeless with the only thing worth living for: her brother and sister.

There is a reason why this movie won Best Movie and Best Screenplay at Sundance last year and why it is up for a few Oscars this year. This is a solid drama/mystery. There's isn't much I would've changed and where the story takes you isn't where you thought it would (or guessed it would) which means the screenplay was something applause worthy.

In the end it is more of a drama than a mystery. It has a dramas pace, meaning don't sit around and wait for an epic gun battle or lots of blood or any of that kind of thing. It is a story, it's about the characters and the depth of both. That being said it is anything but boring. I myself got caught up in the mystery part of the story and was hoping the ending would have more bang and because of that I found myself a little let down until I realized how involved I was in the story.

What this girl goes through is terrible. I know people live like that but it was still crazy to see. Best part about this whole thing was John Hawke's who plays the main character Ree's uncle (played by Jennifer Lawrence who you can see in the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie). I had seen John before in the television series Lost and a few times in other movies like Wristcutters: A Love Story. Not sure why, seeing how his character didn't say much, but I couldn't take my eyes off him when he was in a scene. Something magnetic there, with his character, that I felt the entire film. Love when that happens.

This is a harsh story that seems more true than you ever wanted it to be. A broken family who is forced into a rough lifestyle and abandoned by the only people you were born to trust: your family and the law.

Solid flick. If you're a drama lover you will love it. If you're looking for something with depth and some great characters you should definitely check this movie out.


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