Monday, March 7, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau (3.5)

(Watch the Trailer)

A young man running for senate bumps into a slightly wild but incredibly beautiful dancer by chance one night. The more he tries to be with her the more it seems that fate doesn't want them to be together, what he finds out isn't fair from the truth. Now they must both decide if they can give it all up, if they have the courage to stray from their fates, in order to write their own; one where they can be together.

This was much more drama and romance than it was thriller and action. I'm glad that I read part of one review that had warned me about this because when you watch the trailer it seems like the whole movie is them running around and trying to hide (something more like the movie Uncertainty). That's not really the case.

I am generally a fan of Matt Damon, I really think he has done more good than bad. Especially after having seen him in True Grit and even in Invictus, you can sort of excuse movies like Hereafter and Green Zone. Still, I always feel like there's something missing from his performance. I can never know exactly what that is, maybe it's passion or maybe it's conviction, but regardless I feel it every time I see one of his movies.

I heart Emily Blunt. I really, really do. She is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. I didn't really recognize her until I saw The Young Victoria and from then on she has always impressed me. She most definitely out acted Matt in their scenes together but he has the action down so together they made a great on screen duo.

Story is a bit weak. I like the over all idea - the general basis of the plot - but other than that there were a few times I found myself rolling my eyes. I was looking forward to this film because it's based on a short story by the one and only Philip K. Dick who is one of my all time favourites, but it fell short. They tried, they really did, and it brought up some interesting points but it didn't have the bang that it could have. The ending was so lame that it almost ruined the rest of the film for me. It just seemed...sloppy. No, not sloppy. Like patch work. Yeah, patchy.

Anyways, it's a decent flick with some interesting parts and they did have some cool scenes tossed in there. Don't expect a thriller but don't expect a heart warmer either...think in between but with some eye rolls. You can wait to rent this one.



  1. Yeah, I've stopped using Philip K Dick as a yard stick for the quality of movies. He's written so many short stories that have been the ground work of more movies than I have ever seen that inevitably they fall all over the map in terms of quality. On the upside you know anything based on one of his stories will at the very least have a cool concept.

  2. And don't purger yourself here but did you go to theaters to see this one? If not when can I steal it from you?

  3. Truth to the first comment. As for the second, I streamed. :)


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