Sunday, March 27, 2011

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (3.8)

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1977 iconic sci-fi film by Steven Spielberg.

After numerous UFO sightings and one reported abduction, two people find themselves unknowingly drawn towards a remote area in the wilderness where they just know something important is going to happen.

I feel like I saw this movie when I was really, really young and therefore I don't remember it but there was something definitely familiar about it. It may be all the iconic scenes or maybe certain shots that I could've sworn I have seen/heard about. Regardless, I get why this movie was and is a huge deal.

Richard Dreyfuss was insane in this movie. No, really, he acted insane and with conviction. He goes so crazy after he sees the UFO's that I almost couldn't handle him. I have no idea how or why his family dealt with it but the whole time I was just yelling at him and throwing my hands in the air at the things he would do. I was so distracted by his craziness that I never really noticed if he was good or not...but by my anger at his craziness I suspect that he was. He definitely can do crazy that's for sure.

I thought the little boy in this movie was the cutest thing since the snuggie bear.

The aliens were pretty awesome. Their space crafts were pretty neat. The big ending is so epic that I almost couldn't handle it.

One thing I will note was that, it being made in the 70's, it was slow. I mean it. But not really boring, it was more of a constantly slow build to a big scene at the end that was longer than any big scene would dare to be now as they would dear boring the audience. This movie was anything but dull but there were times that I wanted them to just get on with it...I will blame by young 20's on that. Damn kids these days.

The effects in this were amazing for the 70's. Really, it was fantastic. The aliens too. All of it. I can't believe this was made that long ago. Also, so many things that Spielberg did gave birth to the next 20 years of the who UFO/aliens side of sci-fi film making. People still look to this and E.T.. Every sci-fi fan must see this movie, it's like the father of UFO films. Seriously, this film is on the 100 Essential Films list.


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