Sunday, March 27, 2011

GasLand (4)

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2010 documentary that was nominated for an Oscar and won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance.

Josh Fox gets a letter in the mail asking him if he would lease his land to the natural gas industry so they can drill for gas. Before he says yes he wanted to know what that would mean for him and his land. When he begins to research the process he also begins to talk to people who already know what will happen, and what he finds out he will never forget, and neither will you.

I've said this a million times but everyone should watch more documentaries. I myself need to add more to my list. Every time I watch one I feel like no matter how good it is as a film doesn't matter as much as the public knowing about what they are about. We need to know more. Documentaries are a great way to get a crash course on the world around us, especially the issues.

This film was a little rough around the edges and could have been edited differently to be more smooth but ultimately that doesn't matter. What you see and what you hear in this movie will amaze you. What the natural gas companies and government are doing in the United States right now may change the country and the world forever.

Water is contaminated and can literally be lit on fire, people are dying or sick, animals are dying or sick, crops are effected, streams are polluted, and no one is doing anything.

This documentary is really the beginning. I think Josh could easily turn this into another film and get even deeper into this issue and include more studies, interviews and facts. This felt like the tip of the iceberg and I wanted to know more. This needs to be seen immediately because any day now it could move east and then into Europe and then the world unless people force these companies and all governments to see how much of a sacrifice is needed in order to get gas and how it's just not worth it.

See it. Discuss. Share. Continue.

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