Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just Go With It (3)

(Watch the Trailer)

A man has been lying about being married most of his life in order to get laid. One night he meets the girl of his dreams but he gets caught up in the lie he's told so many times. When she demands to meet his "soon-to-be Ex Wife", Danny begs his long time co-worker to play the part. Suddenly they are on a plan to Hawaii and no one is ready for what is going to happen once they get there.

Let me be clear here in saying that yes, I am an Adam Sandler fan, so I am partial to his movies and basically anything he does makes me laugh. I think his laugh makes me laugh...ya, we're close like that.


That aside, I am very picky when it comes to comedy. I don't know what happened to comedy movies the last little while but it seems like it doesn't mind getting away with being stupid because stupid is funny. Therefore, the stories suck and the characters are usually loud/awkward/fat/ugly or a mixture of all with a stereotype of some race tossed in there. I get the one liner thing, I love to laugh and if you met me you'd probably think I laugh too often. What I don't like is stupid comedy for the sake of being stupid. Sometimes I can appreciate it but it's only good when it's placed here or there and doesn't depend on the one liners...

This was a one liner. Mind you, when the lines dropped I burst out laughing but then quickly stopped as it was usually followed by something lame to try and continue the laugh but it was already over.

Almost all of the funny parts were via Mr. Sandler, especially his beard guy impersonation, that was priceless. The kids were not funny. The cousin who pretended to be German was not funny. Surprisingly Jennifer Aniston held her own for the most part which was surprising to me. The most surprising thing of all was Nicole Kidman...where did that come from?! I have never really liked Nicole Kidman but I think I have a new appreciation for her after this.

I knew the ending of this movie after I saw the trailer a few months ago and knew it for sure within the first 15 minutes of the movie. It is the obvious answer. Yet, I will admit that I kind of enjoyed watching the two characters realize the truth. Strangely, the romance in this movie was better than the comedy. Strange. It was more believable anyways...I'll attach that compliment to the connection that was there between Sandler and Aniston.

Bonus: Dave Matthews. 'Nough said.

Oh, ya, right...the "hot" girl. Already forgot about her and for good reason.

So, if you like silly comedies you may like this. If you like Adam Sandler movies you should watch it because he has a few killer scenes in this movie but this one falls along the lines of Funny People and Grown Ups. If you like comedy sometimes and hate romance do not see this movie...well, you get the point.


(the 3 is mostly for Sandler and Aniston...and a little bit of Kidman)

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  1. First of all, he was SWEDISH. Second of all; he was funny, the kids were funny, Adam and Jennifer were funny. It was an hilarious movie. I don't really belive that you're a person that laughs alot O.o Every single person in this movie was awesome. The woman with the eyebrow, the botox guy, the woman who popped her boob... I really think you should stop being so fucking picky.


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