Thursday, March 24, 2011

Limitless (4.2)

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A writer is having trouble writing and starts to lose everything in his life. Just when his life couldn't get any worse he runs into someone from his past who gives him a special and what he believes to be legal and tested drug to help his mind focus. Suddenly he can do anything. He can be anyone. As long as he has that little clear pill.

I saw the trailer for this months ago and for some reason it stuck in my mind. I liked the general idea of it; a drug allowing anyone the chance to use 100% of their brain. I loved that Bradley Cooper was the lead and I wanted to see where they would take it...

I was so happy to be right about this movie. It was fantastic. A little messy around the edges but nothing to make a fuss over. I also liked how they treated just like any other addictive drug. They didn't make it seem godlike or like anyone who took it was suddenly perfect because people cannot be perfect even when they're at 100%. They were addicted, craving, in withdrawal, wild and uncontrollable, dangerous and then some on this magic new pill.

Bradley Cooper was amazing. He fit this character so well that he gave me shivers during some of his scenes when he had his little rants/monologues. And the switch from before he takes the pill and after was not just in his eyes, it was all of him. Physically, mentally, even his voice changed just enough that you could notice when he was on it or off it. Fantastic. It was great to see him in a role like this, a more serious and demanding role than some of his previous characters (See also, The Hangover). I like what he does. I love watching him on screen. I look forward to more and I hope much more now that he has proven he can fill and form to any character in any genre. He can do comedy (All About Steve), he can do romance (Valentine's Day), he can do action (The A-Team), and now we know he can do drama/thriller. Also, he's easy on the eyes.

I liked Robert De Niro in this movie which is more than I can say about his last batch of films. I really liked him and I actually saw him act with conviction this time and it was great to see again because he is amazing and no one should doubt that, ever.

I really liked this story. I didn't know that it was based on a novel, which seems like every movie is now these days, but I liked the character and I liked the story. I really loved how they paid close attention to the eyes. When they took the drug their eyes would become clearer, brighter and wider. It was fantastic. Also the use of more vivid colours when it kicked in and how they portrayed the time lapses and what not. The beginning of this movie was awesome...that camera work was amazing. I'm not sure if I've ever seen something quite like that, very cool.

So if Bradley isn't enough of an incentive to see this movie the movie itself should be reason enough to see this movie. It's fast paced, smart, thrilling and when you leave the theatre you can't help but think about it more and more. Was it right? What is wrong? Why did he say this and how could she do sticks with you.

The ending, well, I honestly could've watched this movie for another solid hour without complaints but I knew it had to end with a bit of a cliffhanger. The last scene alone makes you think so many things that you thought were already solved. Still not sure if I liked it or not...

See it.


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  1. From the description I think they were taking Adderall. It'll do that. But with that review I may just have to watch it, and it gives me a chance to see how the rest of the world looks at me.


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